Entity Definition

Logical Name : TaxOverrideModifier
Physical Name : CO_MDFR_TX_OVRD

A line item modifier to the TaxLineItem component of a RetailTransaction that provides supplementary data regarding tax overrides. (Where the amount of tax collected is reduced rather than exempted).

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
TransactionID (FK)(PK) A universally unique identifier (UUID) for the Transaction. This may be assembled from alternate key members. ID_TRN IdentityUUID char(32) TaxLineItem(TR_LTM_TX)
RetailTransactionLineItemSequenceNumber (FK)(PK) The sequence number of line item within the context of this RetailTransaction. IC_LN_ITM LineNumber smallint TaxLineItem(TR_LTM_TX)
TaxableAmount The monetary amount for which tax is applicable at the new rate. MO_TXBL MoneyShortRetail decimal(7,2)
OriginalTaxAmount The original amount of tax that does not have to be collected because of this TaxOverrideModifier. MO_TX_ORGL MoneyShortRetail decimal(7,2)
NewTaxAmount The new amount of tax that is collected because of this TaxOverrideModifier. MO_TX_NEW MoneyShortRetail decimal(7,2)
OriginalTaxPercent The original tax rate that does not have to be collected because of this TaxOverrideModifier. PE_TX_ORG Percent decimal(7,4)
NewTaxPercent The new tax rate that is being collected because of this TaxOverrideModifier. PE_TX_NEW Percent decimal(7,4)
ReasonCode (FK) The reason code that this tax override modifier is being applied to the transaction. CD_RSN Code varchar(20) Reason(CO_CD_RSN)
CustomerOverrideID Identifier presented by Customer to get this tax override. Not used if Customer presents an individualised tax override certificate. ID_CT_OVRD Name varchar(40)
CertificateNumber The certificate number assigned to a purchaser by a TaxAuthority, overriding the normal taxation rules. ID_CF_TX_OVRD IdentityAlphaNumeric varchar(20)
CertificateHolderName The name of the CertificateHolder that allows the retailer to modifier the normal taxation rules. NM_CF_HLDR Name varchar(40)
TaxGroupRuleID (FK) System assigned unique identifier for the TaxGroupRule. ID_RU_TX_GRP Identity integer TaxGroupRule(RU_TX_GP)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
TaxGroupRule originally applied to TaxOverrideModifier
TaxLineItem is overridden by TaxOverrideModifier
Reason classifies TaxOverrideModifier

Logical Views containing TaxOverrideModifier

Logical View
Logical 02315 - Retail Transaction - Customer Order
Logical 02320 - Retail Transaction - Taxation View
Logical 05000 - Taxation - Macro View
Logical 05200 - Taxation - Retail Transaction View