Logical 10120 - Enterprise - Location, Workstation Operator and Till View

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Subject Area Concepts

This subject area contains Operator, Workstation, Till, and Safe entities and embeds them into a retailer's location context.  The location context is portrayed through the Site, Location, SellingLocation, InventoryLocation, and WorkLocation entity types.

The intent of this subject area is to place a retailer's critical control point assets (i.e., operators, workstations, tills, safes, etc.) into their enterprise location business model.  As part of this, it provides a flexible set of relationships to allow control assets to be moved between locations and to track that movement through associative entity types (OperatorBusinessUnitAssignment, TillOperatorAssignment, TillLocationAssignment, WorkstationLocationAssignment, and TillWorkstationAssignment).  This approach, which includes time periods, starting and ending transactions to delineate the duration of each association and establish the basis for keeping a historical record of the associations.

The  Logical 10120 - Enterprise Location Workstation, Operator and Till View, shows that Operator, Workstation and Till are all defined independently of any retail store or distribution center.  They are identified using a UUID, and can be moved from one BusinessUnit to another as required.

When a Workstation is assigned to a particular SellingLocation they gain an extra WorkstationNumber attribute, which is an alternate key that is only unique when combined with LocationID and the assignment date and time.

Implementation Note: Those retailers wishing to implement dependent Workstation can do so by hashing LocationID and WorkstationNumber together, and creating a permanent WorkstationLocationAssignment.

Similarly, Operator and Till are also defined independently of any retail store or distribution center, and the entities OperatorBusinessUnitAssignment and TillLocationAssignment provide the dependent keyfields OperatorNumber and TillNumber respectively.