Logical 20010 - Forecourt Fueling Point View

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Subject Area Concepts

The Forecourt Fueling Point view, presented in Logical 20010 Forecourt - Fueling Point View, shows how the pumping equipment on the forecourt is modeled in the ARTS Operational Data Model. FuelPumps on the forecourt are usually made up of at least two FuelingPoints.  A FuelingPoint performs a FuelingTransaction by using a Blender to take FuelItem product from one or more underground storage Tanks and to dispense the blended fuel out a Nozzle. Once a FuelingTransaction has been completed, it can be sold by a FuelSalesLineItem in a RetailTransaction.

The total amount of all FuelItem that has ever been taken from each Tank by each FuelingPoint is summarized by a StockMeter. The total amount of blended product that has ever been dispensed by a Nozzle is summarized on by a SalesMeter.