Logical 20020 - Forecourt Pricing View

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Subject Area Concepts

The Forecourt Pricing View, presented in Logical 20020 - Forecourt Pricing View, presents some Forecourt retail segment specific pricing structures.  Due to consumer protection regulations that are applied to the forecourt retail segment, the PriceDerivationRule structures of the ARTS Operational Data Model are inappropriate for targeting the retail price of fuel to a particular customer.  A small number (usually between 1 and 4) of prices for each FuelItem are downloaded into each FuelingPoint prior to any FuelingTransactions being performed.

The POS system at the time a FuelingPoint is authorized to commence a FuelingTransaction uses a sparse matrix (represented by DevicePrice) to decide which of the predetermined prices will be used for the FuelingTransaction being authorized. The factors in the pricing matrix are:

FuelServiceLevel  - Is this a full service or self service FuelingTransaction?

FuelPriceLevel  - Is the customer going to pay with cash or some form of credit?

TimeGroupTimePeriod - What time and what day of the week is the fueling transaction being performed?

FuelingPoint - Which one is being used and where is it on the forecourt?