Logical 02010 - Item Inventory - Adjustments View

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Subject Area Concepts

Logical 02010 - Item Inventory Adjustment View shows the two different entities for capturing inventory maintenance transactions: PhysicalCountTransaction and InventoryAdjustmentTransaction.  Each transaction records the creation of the matching PhysicalCountDocument and InventoryAdjustmentDocument. Physical inventory to relates to a scheduled unit count for a group of StockItems, while inventory adjustments result from an impromptu count for one or more items when it has become apparent that there is a discrepancy between the book and actual inventory on hand.

This entity diagram only shows a few of the entities associated with the physical inventory process. They have been included primarily for completeness in order to identify all the inputs into the ItemInventory.  Data Model support for the logistics of the physical inventory process will be added in future releases of the model.  The physical counts are PhysicalCountDocument and PhysicalCountLineItem.  Where the physical count is to be posted to the ItemInventory the physical count line items are recorded as ItemInventoryJournalEntry entities.

The InventoryAdjustmentLineItem either increments or decrements the inventory on hand by the unit count. As these adjustments can be applied for different reasons, a reason code is normally input for subsequent reporting and analysis. In both cases the date is recorded to denote the actual event.