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Data Residency Working Group

Overview of Data Residency

As all kinds of business, mobile, and SaaS applications need to support a growing user base around the globe, applications themselves and their data become more distributed than ever. As a consequence, different countries, especially in the European Union, have adopted stringent data protection and privacy laws and regulations regarding how data about their citizens can be collected, stored, shared, and moved around. This has legal implications for cloud service users and providers which must comply with different regulations depending upon exactly where personal data originated and is stored. In addition to regulatory compliance, the “where’s my data” challenge immediately brings to the forefront other issues such as security, privacy, governance, and management.

Collectively these issues require a conceptual framework – a Data Residency taxonomy – upon which enterprises and application vendors alike can develop solutions that withstand new and evolving laws, regulations, and user demands.

Data Residency Working Group

The OMG Data Residency Working Group is being established to study technical and legal issues of data residency. The goal of the Working Group is to develop a taxonomy that will help organizations realize the promise of cloud computing while complying with evolving privacy regulations and user demands.

Get Involved

Those interested from the general public are invited to get involved. You do not have to be a member of the Object Management Group® (OMG®) to participate in the Working Group. If you would like to join, receive more information, or attend an upcoming meeting, please contact us.

Request for Information (RFI) Now Open!

The Data Residency Working Group has written an RFI to help guide standards work in this area.

  • Download the Data Residency RFI, which was approved by the OMG Platform Technical Committee on December 11, 2015 here.
  • Determine who in your organization can respond to it, and start this process going.
  • Publicize it to people you know at other companies, vendors, users, professional organizations, etc., that may have an interest in this subject.

Data residency, i.e. the issues about moving and storing data in certain locations due to laws, regulations, privacy concerns, privileges of law enforcement authorities, etc., is an important concern that includes, but reaches beyond the topics of personal data protection and cloud data storage. The RFI itself explains its scope and motivation. The substantial part of the RFI is fairly short. There are 20 questions, including some about the profile of the respondent. Finally, there is an option to request that your response be anonymized before publication by OMG. The deadline is May 9, 2016. Thank you!

Data Residency Presentations

OMG Technical Meeting, June 16, 2015, Berlin, Germany
Data Residency Working Group meeting notes are posted here.

Download the presentations:

Addressing Data Residency Challenges, OMG Webinar, April 14, 2016.
Download the presentation or view on YouTube.

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