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TC Plenaries and Subgroup Directory

| Agent PSIG | Analysis & Design PTF | Architecture-Driven Modernization PTF |
 | Business Modeling & Integration DTF | Business Architecture AB SIG | C4I DTF | DDS PSIG | Finance DTF | Government Information Sharing and Services DTF DTF | Healthcare DTF | Liaison ABSC | Manufacturing Technology & Industrial Systems DTF | Mathematical Formalism SIG | Methods and Related Tools PSIG | Middleware and Related Services PTF | Model Interchange AB SIG | Ontology PSIG | Retail DTF | Robotics DTF | Space DTF | Specification Management AB Subcommittee | Super Distributed Objects DSIG | System Assurance PTF | Systems Engineering DSIG |

This page lists the Technology Committees (TCs), the Architecture Board (AB), and their permanent subgroups. The TCs also charter temporary Revision Task Forces (RTFs) and Finalisation Task Foces (FTFs) to maintain particular OMG specifications. These RTFs and FTFs are linked from the OMG TC Work in Progress page.

Note to web page authors: A tutorial is available for using FrontPage 2000™ to compose TC Subgroup Homepages.

Architecture Board

email: document prefix: ab Chair: Andrew Watson
bullet Intellectual Property Policy Subcommittee ( document prefix: ipr  Chair:
bullet Liaison AB Subcommittee   (  document prefix: liaison   Chair:
bullet Specification Management AB Subcommittee   (  document prefix: smsc  Chair:
bullet Business Architecture AB SIG ( document prefix: basig Chair:
bullet Model Interchange AB SIG

Domain Technology Committee

email: document prefix: dtc Chair: Andrew Watson
bullet Business Modeling and Integration DTF  (  document prefix: bmi   Chair:
bullet Consultation, Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence (C4I) DTF ( document prefix: c4i   
bullet Finance DTF   (  document prefix: finance   Chair:
bullet Government Information Sharing and Services DTF DTF   (  document prefix: gov   Chair:
bullet Healthcare DTF   (  document prefix: health   Chair:
bullet Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Systems DTF   (  document prefix:mantis Chair:
bullet Retail DTF (   document prefix: retail   Chair: 
bullet Robotics DTF  (   document prefix: robotics   Chair:
bullet Space DTF   (  document prefix: space   Chair:
bullet Mathematical Formalism SIG ( document prefix: mathsig Chair:
bullet Systems Engineering DSIG   (  document prefix: syseng   Chair:

Platform Technology Committee

email: document prefix: ptc Chair: Andrew Watson
bullet Analysis and Design PTF   (  document prefix: ad   Chair:
bullet Architecture-Driven Modernization PTF   (   document prefix: admtf   Chair:
bullet Middleware and Related Services PTF  (  document prefix: mars   Chair:
bullet System Assurance PTF  ( document prefix: sysa Chair:
bullet Agent PSIG   (  document prefix: agent   Chair:
bullet Data Distribution Services PSIG   (  document prefix: dds   Chair:
bullet Ontology PSIG   (  document prefix: ontology   Chair:
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