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Specifications that have been replaced by newer versions



CORBA/IIOP Specifications
CORBA, v1.0 1991/91-08-01
CORBA, v1,1 1991/91-12-01
CORBA, v1.2 1993/93-12-43
CORBA, v2.0 formal/97-02-25
CORBA, v2.1 formal/97-09-01
CORBA, v2.2 formal/98-07-01, [cbar - formal/98-02-33]
     ORB Portability orbos/97-05-15
     Inteceptors orbos/98-09-11
CORBA, v2.3 formal/98-12-01
     COM/CORBA Part A orbos/97-09-07
     COM/CORBA Part B orbos/97-09-19, orbos/97-09-06
     IDL to Java mapping (POA) orbos/98-03-10
     Interoperability interop/98-07-01
     Interop RTF interop/99-03-01,interop/98-01-02
     Objects by value ptc/98-10-12, ptc/98-07-06, orbos/98-01-18
     Portability revision ptc/98-07-01
     Core revisions ptc/99-03-02, ptc/99-03-01, ptc/98-09-04, ptc/98-08-04, ptc/98-07-05, ptc/98-05-01, ptc/98-01-01
CORBA, v2.3.1 formal/99-10-07
CORBA, v2.4 formal/00-10-01, formal/00-10-33
CORBA, v2.4.1 formal/00-11-03, formal/00-11-07
CORBA, v2.4.2 formal/01-02-01, formal/01-02-33
CORBA, v2.5 formal/01-09-01, formal/01-09-34
CORBA, v2.6 formal/01-12-01, formal/01-12-35
CORBA, v2.6.1 formal/02-05-08, formal/02-05-15
CORBA, v3.0 formal/02-06-01, formal/02-06-33
CORBA, v3.0.1 formal/02-11-01, formal/02-11-03
CORBA, v3.0.2 formal/02-12-02, formal/02-12-06
CORBA, v3.0.3 formal/04-03-01, formal/04-03-12
CORBA, v3.1 formal/08-01-04, formal/08-01-06, formal/08-01-08
Data Distribution Service (DDS) Specifications
Data Distribution Service formal/05-12-04 , formal/04-12-02, ptc/04-04-13 , ptc/04-04-14
DDS Interoperability formal/08-04-09
Specialized CORBA Specifications
Asynchronous Messaging orbos/1998-05-05
Firewall orbos/1998-05-04
Interoperable Name Service orbos/1998-08-01, orbos/98-10-11
Minimum CORBA orbos/1998-08-04
Real-time CORBA  formal/03-11-01, formal/02-08-02, ptc/99-06-02, orbos/1999-02-12
Lightweight Log Service formal/03-11-03



Ada mapping formal/99-07-29, ptc/99-03-11, 1995/95-05-16
C mapping formal/99-07-35, ptc/00-06-01
C++ revision  formal/03-06-03, formal/99-07-41, ptc/99-03-05, ptc/98-09-03 , orbos/98-05-08orbos/98-01-11
COBOL revision  formal/99-07-47, orbos/98-05-02, orbos/97-10-01
Common Lisp mapping orbos/99-05-18
IDL to Java revision  formal/01-05-03, formal/99-08-06, formal/99-07-53, ptc/99-03-03, orbos/98-01-16, orbos/98-01-06, orbos/97-07-03, orbos/97-03-01, orbos/97-02-17, orbos/96-12-08
Java to IDL mapping  formal/02-08-06, formal/01/06-07, formal/99-07-59, ptc/99-03-08, ptc/98-10-01, ptc/98-08-01, ptc/98-05-11, orbos/98-04-04, orbos/98-03-16
Python mapping formal/02-09-07, formal/01-02-66, ptc/2000-04-02, orbos/99-08-02
Smalltalk mapping  formal/99-07-65, 1994/94-11-08, 1994/94-08-01
CORBA Scripting formal/01-06-05
XML/Valuetype formal/02-11-10



UML, MOF, CWM, XMI Specifications
ADM/KDM formal/10-06-03, formal/10-06-04, formal/09-01-02, formal/08-01-01
UMLŽ Superstructure v2.3:  formal/10-05-05, formal/10-05-06
v2.2:  formal/09-02-02
v2.1.2:  formal/07-11-01, formal/07-11-02
v2.1.1:  formal/07-02-03, formal/07-02-05
v2.0:  formal/05-07-04, ptc/04-10-05
v1.5:  formal/03-03-01
v1.5 (Interchange Artifacts):  formal/04-04-04
v1.5 models in MDL formal:  ptc/02-09-04
v1.4.2:  formal/04-07-02 
(ISO version): formal/05-04-01
v1.4:  formal/01-09-67
XMI DTD for UML 1.4:  ad/01-02-16
UML 1.4 Interchange Metamodel in XML: ad/01-02-15
v1.3:  formal/00-03-01, formal/00-03-02
XMI DTD 1.0 for UML 1.3:  formal/02-07-01  
XML for UML 1.3:  ad/01-12-02
OMG Modeling book:  formal/99-06-01
UMLŽ Infrastructure     v2.3: formal/10-05-03formal/10-05-04
v2.2: formal/09-02-04
v2.1.2: formal/07-11-03formal/07-11-04
v2.1.1:  formal/07-02-04formal/07-02-06
v2.0:  formal/05-07-05, convenience document:  ptc/04-10-14
MOF v1.4.1(ISO version): formal/05-05-05,  v1.4:  formal/02-04-03, v1.3: formal/00-04-03
XMI v1.0:  formal/00-06-01
v1.1:  formal/00-11-02
v1.2:  formal/02-01-01
v1.3:  formal/03-05-01
v2.0:  formal/03-05-02, formal/05-05-01
v2.0.1 (ISO version):  formal/05-05-06
v2.1:  formal/05-09-01
Supporting files:  ad/01-06-13, formal/01-04-03
CWM,v1.0 formal/01-10-01, formal/01-10-02, formal/01-10-03, formal/01-10-04, formal/01-10-05, formal/01-10-06, formal/01-10-07, formal/01-10-08, formal/01-10-09, formal/01-10-10, formal/01-10-11, formal/01-10-12, formal/01-10-13, formal/01-10-14, formal/01-10-15, formal/01-10-16, formal/01-10-17, formal/01-10-18, formal/01-10-19, formal/01-10-20, formal/01-10-21, formal/01-10-22, formal/01-10-23, formal/01-10-24
formal/01-10-25, formal/01-10-26, formal/01-10-27, formal/01-10-28, formal/01-10-29, formal/01-10-30, formal/01-10-31, formal/01-10-32, formal/01-10-33, formal/01-10-34, formal/01-10-35, formal/01-10-36, formal/01-10-37, formal/01-10-38, formal/01-10-39, formal/01-10-40
OCL formal/10-02-01, formal/06-05-01
Software Processing Engineering Metamodel (SPEM), v1.0 formal/05-01-06, formal/02-11-14
UML Profile Specifications
UML Profile for Modeling Quality of Service and Fault Tolerance Characteristics and Mechanisms formal/06-05-02, ptc/05-06-09, ptc/05-06-11
UML Profile for Schedulability, Performance, and Time, v1.0 formal/03-09-01
UML Profile for System on a Chip (SoC), v1.0 formal/06-06-01



CORBAfacilities Specifications
Internationalization and Time cf/97-06-16
Mobile Agent revision orbos/98-03-09

CORBAservices Specifications

Naming service formal/02-09-02, formal/01-02-65, formal/00-11-01, formal/00-06-19

ptc/99-12-04, ptc/99-12-03, ptc/99-12-02, orbos/98-10-11, 94-01-01, 1993/93-05-02, 93-02-02

Lifecycle service formal/00-06-18, 94-01-01, 1993/93-02-08 93-02-11, 93-02-12
Event service formal/01-03-01, formal/00-06-15, formal/98-12-09, formal/97-12-11
, 1993/93-05-06,93-02-09, 93-02-13
Persistent State Service Persistent Object service formal/00-06-21, formal/98-12-09, formal/97-12-12, 1994/94-10-07, 93-02-05
Relationship service formal/98-12-09, 1994/94-05-05
Externalization service formal/98-12-09, 1994/94-09-15
Concurrency service formal/98-12-09, 1994/94-05-08,94-06-13
Object Query service formal/98-12-09, 1995/95-01-01, 95-01-04, 95-01-06
Properties service formal/98-12-09, 1994/94-04-18
Licensing service formal/98-12-09, 1995/95-03-28
Time service formal/98-12-09, 1995/95-11-08
Trader service formal/98-12-09, 1995/95-10-11, 95-10-10, 95-10-14, 95-06-18
Collections service formal/00-06-13, formal/98-12-09, 1995/95-06-18, 95-10-01, 95-10-12
Security service formal/01-03-08, formal/00-06-25, formal/98-12-17, formal/98-12-09, formal/97-12-22, formal/97-11-05, formal/97-07-23, formal/97-07-24, 1995/95-12-01
Common Secure Interoperability orbos/96-06-20
Transaction service formal/02-08-07, formal/02-09-09, formal/01-11-03, formal/01-05-02, formal/00-06-28, formal/98-12-09
, 94-08-04
Notification service formal/2002-08-04, formal/2001-03-03, formal/2000-06-20, telecom/99-07-01
Enhanced View of Time formal/2004-10-04, formal/2002-05-07
Additional Structuring Mechanisms for OTS formal/2002-09-03




Application Management + System Monitoring for CMS Systems (AMSM) formal/09-11-03
Unified Profile for DODAF and MODAF  formal/11-05-01, formal/11-04-01



Person Identification formal/00-06-30, formal/00-06-33, formal/99-03-01
Lexicon Query Service formal/99-03-01, corbamed/98-03-22

Life Sciences 

Gene Expression


Mantis (Manufacturing and Utility)

CAD formal/03-03-63, formal/02-10-02 
DAIS formal/02-11-07, formal/03-01-02, formal/03-01-03  
Distributed Simulation Systems  (DDS) formal/99-10-01, formal/99-10-05 formal/00-06-35, formal/00-04-02, formal/00-12-01, formal/01-05-01
Real-time Publish-Subscribe Wire Protocol DDS Interoperability Wire Protocol (DDS-RTPS) formal/08-04-09
PDM Enablers mfg/00-07-02, dtc/99-10-02
Product Lifecycle Management Services formal/06-03-01, formal/06-04-03, formal/09-08-01
UMS Data Access Facility formal/02-11-08, formal/02-11-09, formal/01-06-01


Robotic Localization Service formal/10-02-03


PIM and PSM for SDO formal/04-11-01, formal/04-11-02


Security Domain Membership (SDMM) ptc/02-05-02, orbos/01-06-01orbos/01-06-06, orbos/01-07-20


Ground Equipment Monitoring Service (GEMS)  formal/10-10-02, formal/2009-08-03
XML Telemetric and Command Exchange (XTCE) formal/05-08-01


Control and Management of Audio/Video Streams formal/98-07-12, telecom/97-05-07
Telecom Log Service formal/03-06-01, formal/03-06-02, formal/02-11-12, formal/02-11-13, formal/01-04-08, formal/00-01-04, dtc/99-07-02
Notification service revision telecom/99-07-01
CORBA/TMN telecom/98-10-10
Notification service revision telecom/99-07-01
Telecom Wireless formal/04-04-02, formal/03-03-64, formal/03-03-65 (IDL)


Air Traffic Control transprt/99-01-02


Retired Specifications

Compound Presentation & Interchange 95-12-30 , 95-12-31, 95-12-32, 95-12-33, 95-12-34  
(Apple Revised CF FPR1 Submission)
System Management Facility 95-12-02, 95-12-03, 95-12-04, 95-12-05, 95-12-06  
(X/Open Sysman RFC submission)


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