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OMG� Specifications

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This page provides a summary of OMG specifications that have either been formally published or are in the finalization process. The "specification" column is used to locate the directory structure on the OMG document server that serves as the "home" for all documents related to that specification. Click the Specification title to be taken to that specification's main page.

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| Domain Specifications | ISO Adopted SpecificationsLanguage MappingsModeling and Metadata | UML Profile
| ModernizationPIM and PSM InterfaceSignal- and Image-Processing


SPECIFICATION acronym topical area / domain Document #
Business Motivation Model BMM� business process design formal/2015-05-19
Business Process Definition Metamodel BPDM� business process design formal/2008-11-03 (Volume I)
formal/2008-11-04 (volume II)
Business Process Maturity Model BPMM� business process design formal/2008-06-01
Business Process Model and Notation
(Business Process Modeling Notation�)
BPMN™ business process design formal/2013-12-09
Case Management Model and Notation


business modeling formal/2016-12-01
Date-Time Vocabulary DTV™ business process design formal/2017-05-03
Decision Model and Notation DMN™ bmi formal/2016-06-01
Production Rule Representation PRR� business process design formal/2009-12-01
Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules SBVR™ business governance document semantics formal/2017-05-05
Value Delivery Modeling Language VDML™ bmi formal/2015-10-05
Workflow Management Facility WfMF� cross-domain formal/2000-05-02


CORBA/IIOP Specifications
SPECIFICATION acronym topical area / domain Document #
Asynchronous Method Invocation for CORBA Component Model AMI4CCM™ middleware formal/2015-08-03
Authorization Token Layer Acquisition Service ATLAS� middleware formal/2002-10-01
Common Object Request Broker Architecture CORBA® middleware Part 1 - formal/2012-11-12
Part 2 - formal/2012-11-14
Part 3 - formal/2012-11-16
CORBAe CORBAe� real-time, middleware formal/2008-11-06
Common Secure Interoperability� (see CORBA) CORBA security, middleware Chapter 24 of CORBA/IIOP 3.0.3
CORBA Component Model
(see CORBA/IIOP for current information) 
CCM� middleware, components formal/2006-04-01
CORBA Reflection RFLEC� middleware formal/2006-05-03
CORBA-FTAM/FTP Interworking FTAM� middleware formal/2002-03-13
CORBA / TC Interworking and SCCP-Inter ORB Protocol SCCP� middleware formal/2001-01-01
CORBA to WSDL/SOAP Interworking C2WSDL� middleware formal/2008-08-03
Deployment and Configuration of Component-based Distributed Applications DEPL� middleware formal/2006-04-02
Fault Tolerance FT middleware formal/2010-05-07
Firewall Traversal FIRE middleware ptc/2004-04-05
GIOP Compression
ZIOP� real-time, middleware formal/2010-02-05
Information Exchange Framework
Reference Architecture
IEF�-RA middleware ptc/2017-06-01
Information Exchange Packaging Policy Vocabulary IEPPV� middleware formal/2015-05-06
Interworking between CORBA and TMN Systems TMN� middleware, telecommunications formal/2000-08-01
Lightweight Fault Tolerance LWFT� middleware  formal/2012-03-02
Online Upgrades ONUP� middleware formal/2008-01-13
Quality of Service for CCM QOSCCM� middleware, components formal/2008-10-02
Unified Component Model for Distributed, Real-Time and Embedded Systems UCM middleware, components ptc/2017-05-18
Wireless Access and Terminal Mobility WATM� middleware, telecommunications formal/2005-05-02
WSDL/SOAP-CORBA Interworking WSDL2C� middleware formal/2004-04-01
CORBA / Specialized Specifications
SPECIFICATION acronym topical area / domain Document #
CORBA Binding for WSDL CORBABINDING middleware formal/2010-05-08
Data Parallel Processing DPP� real-time, middleware formal/2006-01-03
Lightweight Load Balancing Service LtLOAD� real-time, middleware formal/2010-02-04
Lightweight Log Service LtLOG� real-time, middleware formal/2005-05-02
Real-time CORBA RT real-time, middleware formal/2005-01-04

Data Distribution Service (DDS) Specifications
SPECIFICATION acronym topical area / domain Document #
Data Distribution Service DDS� real-time, middleware formal/2015-04-10
DDS Consolidated XML Syntax DDS-XML real-time, middleware ptc/2017-07-02
DDS Data Local Reconstruction Layer DDS-DLRL� real-time, middleware formal/2015-04-12
DDS for Lightweight CCM
(see also CORBA, Part 3) 
DDS4CCM� middleware,CORBA formal/2012-02-01
DDS-SECURITY DDS-SECURITY� real-time, middleware formal/2016-08-01
Extensible and Dynamic Topic Types for DDS DDS-XTypes� real-time, middleware formal/2014-11-03
ptc/2017-03-06 - beta
ISO/IEC C++ 2003 Language DDS PSM DDS-PSM-Cxx real-time, middleware formal/2013-11-01
Java 5 Language PSM for DDS DDS-Java real-time, middleware formal/2013-11-02
Real-time Publish-Subscribe Wire Protocol DDS Interoperability Wire Protocol DDSI-RTPS� real-time, middleware formal/2014-09-01
Remote Procedure Call over DDS DDS-RPC real-time, middleware formal/2017-04-01
Web-Enabled DDS DDS-WEB real-time, middleware formal/2016-03-01


SPECIFICATION acronym topical area / domain Document #
Ada ADA� software development formal/2010-06-05
(C Language Mapping�)
C software development formal/99-07-35
C++ CPP software development formal/2012-07-02
COBOL COBOL software development formal/99-07-47
CORBA Scripting Language SCRPT� software development formal/2003-02-01
IDL to C++11 CPP11 software development formal/2015-08-01
IDL to Java Language Mapping I2JAV� software development formal/2008-01-11
Java to IDL JAV2I� software development formal/2008-01-14
Interface Definition Language
(OMG Interface Definition Language�)
software development formal/2017-05-07
Lisp LISP� software development formal/2000-06-02
MOF 2 to IDL MOF2I� software development formal/2006-01-02
PL/1 PL1 software development formal/2002-09-05
Python PYTH� software development formal/2002-11-05
RUBY CORBA Language RCLM� software development formal/2013-04-05
Smalltalk ST software development formal/99-07-65
XML/Valuetype Language Mapping XML� software development formal/2003-04-01


SPECIFICATION acronym ISO # Document #
Business Process Model and Notation
(Business Process Modeling Notation�)


Common Object Request Broker Architecture�, 
CORBA® Part 1:  Interfaces: 19500-1:2012
Part 2:  Interoperability: 19500-2:2012
Part 3:  Components: 19500-3:2012
Knowledge Discovery Metamodel�, v1.3   KDM


Meta-Object Facility�, v2.4.2      MOF�


Meta-Object Facility�, v1.4.1      MOF�


XML Metadata Interchange�, v2.4.2   XMI�


XML Metadata Interchange�, v2.0.1   XMI�


Object Constraint Language�, v2.3.1     OCL�


Systems Modeling Language SysML® 19514:2017 formal/2017-05-08
Unified Modeling Language�, v2.4.1    UML� Part 1: Infrastructure: 19505-1:2012

Part 2: Superstructure: 19505-2:2012



Unified Modeling Language�, v1.4.2    UML�




Modeling Specifications
SPECIFICATION acronym topical area / domain Document #
Action Language for Foundational UML Alf� modeling formal/2017-07-04
Common Terminology Services 2 CTS2� modeling formal/2015-04-01
Common Warehouse Metamodel CWM� data warehousing, modeling formal/2003-03-02
CWM Metadata Interchange Patterns MIPS data warehousing, modeling formal/2004-03-25
Diagram Definition DD� modeling formal/2015-06-01
Distributed Ontology, Modeling, and Specification Language DOL� modeling ptc/2016-02-37
Essence - Kernel and Language for Software Engineering Methods Essence� modeling formal/2015-12-02
Interaction Flow Modeling Language IFML� modeling formal/2015-02-05
Languages, Countries, and Codes LCC modeling ptc/16-07-02
Meta Object Facility Core
(Meta-Object Facility�)
MOF� modeling formal/2016-11-01
Model Driven Message Interoperability MDMI® modeling formal/2010-03-01
MOF Model to Text Transformation Language MOFM2T� modeling formal/2008-01-16
MOF Query / View / Transformation
QVT� modeling formal/2016-06-03
MOF Support for Semantic Structures SMOF� modeling formal/2013-04-02
MOF Facility and Object Lifecycle MOFFOL� modeling formal/2010-03-04
MOF 2 Versioning and Development Lifecycle MOFVD� modeling formal/2007-05-01
Object Constraint Language OCL� modeling formal/2014-02-03
OMG Systems Modeling Language SysML� modeling formal/2017-05-01
Ontology Definition Metamodel ODM� modeling formal/2014-09-02
Precise Semantics of UML Composite Structures PSCS� modeling formal/2015-10-02
ptc/2017-02-29 - beta
Precise Semantics of UML State Machines PSSM  modeling ptc/2017-04-04
Reusable Asset Specification RAS modeling formal/2005-11-02
Semantics of a Foundational Subset for Executable UML Models fUML� modeling formal/2017-07-02
Service oriented architecture Modeling Language SoaML� modeling formal/2012-05-01
Software Process Engineering Metamodel SPEM� modeling formal/2008-04-01
Unified Modeling Language UML� modeling formal/2015-03-01
UML Diagram Interchange

(see Diagram Definition above for current version) 

UMLDI modeling formal/2006-04-04
UML Human-Usable Textual Notation HUTN� modeling formal/2004-08-01
XML Metadata Interchange� 
(aka MOF to XMI Mapping)
XMI� modeling formal/2015-06-07


SPECIFICATION acronym topical area / domain Document #
UML Profile for Advanced and Integrated Telecommunication Services TelcoML� telecommunications formal/2013-08-02
SES Management TelcoML Extension TelcoML-SES� telecommunications formal/2013-08-03
UML Profile for BPMN Processes BPMNProfile� domain, modeling formal/2014-07-01
UML Profile for CORBA CORP middleware formal/2002-04-01
UML Profile for CCM
(UML Profile for CORBA Components�)
CCMP� middleware   formal/2005-07-06
UML Profile for CORBA and CCM
(UML Profile for CORBA and Components�)
CCCMP� middleware formal/2008-04-07
UML Profile for Enterprise Application Integration EAI� domain, modeling formal/2004-03-26
UML Profile for Enterprise Distributed Object Computing EDOC� domain, modeling formal/2004-02-01
UML Profile for MARTE: Modeling and Analysis of Real-time and Embedded Systems

(UML Profile for MARTE�)

MARTE real-time, middleware formal/2011-06-02
UML Profile for NIEM NIEM�-UML government formal/2017-04-04
UML Profile for Quality of Service (QoS) and Fault Tolerance QFTP real-time, middleware, modeling formal/2008-04-05
UML Profile for Schedulability, Performance and Time SPTP� real-time, middleware, modeling formal/2005-01-02
UML Profile for System on a Chip SoCP� real-time, middleware, modeling formal/2006-08-01
UML Profile for Software Radio (aka PIM & PSM for Software Radio Components) SDRP� software-based communications formal/2007-03-01
UML Profile for Voice VOICP� telecommunications formal/2008-04-06
UML Testing Profile UTP� modeling formal/2013-04-03


SPECIFICATION acronym topical area / domain Document #
Abstract Syntax Tree Metamodel ASTM� modeling formal/2011-01-05
Automated Technical Debt Measure ATDM modeling ptc/17-07-01
CISQ� Specifications:      
     Automated Enhancement Points AEP modeling formal/2017-04-03
     Automated Function Points AFP� modeling formal/2014-01-03
     Automated Source Code Maintainability Measure ASCMM� modeling formal/2016-01-01
     Automated Source Code Performance Efficiency
ASCPEM� modeling formal/2016-01-02
     Automated Source Code Reliability Measure ASCRM� modeling formal/2016-01-03
     Automated Source Code Security Measure ASCSM� modeling formal/2016-01-04
Implementation Patterns Metamodel for Software Systems� - see SPMS IPMSS� modeling ptc/14-07-01
Knowledge Discovery Metamodel KDM modeling formal/2016-09-01
Structured Assurance Case Metamodel
(combines ARM and SAEM documents)
SACM� modeling ptc/17-07-03
Structured Metrics Meta-model
(Structured Metrics Metamodel�)
SMM� modeling formal/2016-04-04
Structured Patterns Metamodel Standard SPMS� modeling formal/2017-04-05


CORBAservices Specifications
SPECIFICATION acronym topical area / domain Document #
Additional Structuring Mechanisms for the OTS OTS transaction management, middleware formal/2005-01-01
Collection Service COLL� collection management, middleware formal/2002-08-03
Concurrency Service CONC� object consistency, middleware formal/2000-06-14
Enhanced View of Time EVoT� time management, middleware formal/2008-08-01
Event Service EVNT� event management, middleware formal/2004-10-02
Externalization Service EXT object state management, middleware formal/2000-06-16
Licensing Service LIC� software licensing, middleware formal/2000-06-17
Life Cycle Service LFCYC� object life cycle management, middleware formal/2002-09-01
Lightweight Services LtSVC� resources constraints formal/2004-10-01
Management of Event Domains MED event management, middleware formal/2001-06-03
Naming Service NAM object location management, middleware formal/2004-10-03
Notification Service NOT event management, middleware formal/2004-10-11
Notification / JMS Interworking Service NOTJMS� event management, middleware formal/2004-10-09
Persistent State Service PSS� object persistence, middleware formal/2002-09-06
Property Service PROP object properties, middleware formal/2000-06-22
Query Service QUER� collection management, middleware formal/2000-06-23
Relationship Service REL object relationships, middleware formal/2000-06-24
Security Service SEC security, middleware


Telecoms Log Service TLOG� event management, middleware formal/2003-07-01
Time Service TIME time management, middleware formal/2002-05-06
Trading Object Service TRADE object location management, middleware formal/2000-06-27
Transaction Service
(Object Transaction Service�)
TRANS transaction management, middleware formal/2003-09-02
CORBAfacilities Specifications
SPECIFICATION acronym topical area / domain Document #
Internationalization and Time ITFAC� software development formal/2000-01-01
Mobile Agent Facility MOBFAC� software development formal/2000-01-02


SPECIFICATION acronym topical area / domain Document #
Platform Independent Model and Platform Specific Model for Super Distributed Object SDO real-time, embedded systems formal/2008-10-01
Smart Transducers SMART real-time, embedded systems formal/2003-01-01


SPECIFICATION acronym topical area / domain Document #
Authorization Token Layer Acquisition Service ATLAS� middleware, security formal/2002-10-01
Common Secure Interoperability CSIv2� see CORBA/IIOP  
Security Service SEC see also CORBAservices  
Public Key Infrastructure PKI see also Domain  
Resource Access Decision Facility RAD see also Domain  


SPECIFICATION acronym topical area / domain Document #
Air Traffic Control ATC� transportation formal/2000-05-01
Alert Management Service ALMAS� c4i formal/2009-11-01
Application Instrumentation APP-INST� c4i formal/2016-05-01
Application Management and System Monitoring for CMS Systems AMSM� c4i formal/2010-11-02
Archetype Modeling Language AML� healthcare dtc/2017-05-02
Audio / Video Streams AVSTR� telecommunications formal/2000-01-03
Bibliographic Query Service BQS� life sciences research formal/2002-05-03
Biomolecular Sequence Analysis BSA� life sciences research formal/2001-06-08
Chemical Structure and Access Representation CSAR� life sciences research formal/2007-01-02
Clinical Decision Support Service CDSS� healthcare formal/2011-07-01
Clinical Observations Access Service COAS� healthcare formal/2001-04-06
Computer Aided Design Services CAD manufacturing formal/2005-01-07
Conversion Model for Payment Message Standards
(see Model Driven Message Interoperability MDMI)
Currency Service CURR� finance formal/2000-06-29
Data Acquisition from Industrial Systems DAIS� manufacturing formal/2005-06-01
Dependability Assurance Framework for Safety-Sensitive Consumer Devices DAF™ sysa formal/2016-02-01
Distributed Simulation Systems DSS simulation formal/2002-11-11
EDMC-Financial Industry Business Ontology
(EDM-C  Financial Industry Business Ontology®)
     Business Entities BE finance dtc/1206-08-57
     Financial Business and Commerce FBC finance formal/2017-06-01
     EDMC-FIBO Foundations FND finance dtc/16-03-03
     Indices and Indicators IND finance formal/2017-07-01
EXPRESS Information Modeling Language EXPRESS manufacturing formal/2015-05-01
Financial Instrument Global Identifier® FIGI® finance formal/2015-12-01
Finite State Machine Component for RTC FSM4RTC robotics formal/2016-04-01
Gene Expression GENE life sciences research formal/2003-10-01
General Ledger LEDG� finance formal/2001-02-67
Genomic Maps
(OMG Genomic Maps�)
GMAPS� life sciences research formal/2002-02-01
Ground Equipment Monitoring Service GEMS� space formal/2016-06-05
Hardware Abstraction Layer for Robotic Technology HAL4RT� robotics dtc/2016-01-01
HData RESTful Transport
(OMG hData RESTful Transport�)
HData� HL7 formal/2013-10-03
Historical Data Acquisition from Industrial Systems HDAIS� manufacturing formal/2005-06-02
Identity Cross-Reference Service IXS� health formal/2011-05-07
IT Portfolio Management Facility ITPMF� cross-domain formal/2007-05-02
Laboratory Equipment Control Interface Specification LECIS� life sciences research formal/2003-03-19
Lexicon Query Service LQS� healthcare formal/2000-06-31
Life Sciences Analysis Engine LSAE� life sciences research formal/2005-12-02
Life Sciences Identifiers LIS� life sciences research formal/2004-12-01
Macromolecular Structure MACSTR� life sciences research formal/2002-05-01
Metamodel for the Federal Transition Framework FTF� government formal/2009-02-01
Model for Performance-driven Government MPG� government formal/2013-12-11
Negotiation Facility NEG electronic commerce formal/2002-03-14
NIEM� - see UML Profile for NIEM      
Open Architecture Radar Interface Standard OARIS� c4i formal/2016-03-02
Party Management Facility PARTY finance formal/2001-02-68
Person Identification Service PIDS� healthcare formal/2001-04-04

Phenotype and Genotype Object Model

PAGE-OM� life sciences formal/2010-07-01

PIM and PSM for Smart Antenna

smartant software-based communications formal/2009-01-01
Product Data Management Enablers PDME� manufacturing formal/2000-11-11
Product Lifecycle Management Services PLM manufacturing formal/2011-05-03
Property and Casualty Information Models PC finance formal/2014-11-01
Public Key Infrastructure PKI electronic commerce, security formal/2002-09-04
Records Management Service RMS� government formal/2011-11-04
Requirements Interchange Format ReqIF� manufacturing formal/2016-07-01
Resource Access Decision RAD healthcare, security formal/2001-04-01
Retrieve, Locate, and Update Service RLUS� healthcare formal/2011-07-02
Robotic Interaction Service RoIS� robotic interaction service formal/2016-08-02
Robotic Localization Service RLS� robotic localization service formal/2012-08-01
Robotic Technology Component RTC robotics software development formal/2012-09-01
Satellite Operations Language Metamodel SOLM� space formal/2012-11-11
Services Directory ServD healthcare formal/2014-02-01
Shared Operational Picture Exchange Services SOPES� c4/i formal/2011-05-04
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms SNP life sciences research formal/2005-11-01
Surveillance User Interface SURV� transportation formal/2003-03-62
SysML-Modelica Transformation SyM� system engineering formal/2012-11-09
SysML Extension for Physical Interaction and Signal Flow Simulation SysPISF   dtc/2016-07-01
Systems Modeling Language
(a.k.a. OMG Systems Modeling)
SysML® modeling formal/2015-06-03
TACSIT Controller Interface TCI� c4i formal/2013-02-03
Task and Session TSKSES� cross-domain formal/2000-05-03
Telecom Service & Access Subscription TSAS� telecommunications formal/2002-12-01
Test Information Interchange Format TestIF� c4i formal/2015-05-05
UML Profile for NIEM NIEM�-UML government formal/2017-04-04
Unified Architecture Framework Profile UAF c4i dtc/2017-05-08
Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF UPDM� c4i formal/2013-08-04
Utility Management Systems Data Access Facility UMS� utility management formal/2005-06-03
XML Telemetric & Command Exchange XTCE� space formal/2008-03-01
XTCE Profile for US Government Satellites XUSP� space formal/2015-05-18


SPECIFICATION acronym topical area / domain Document #
VSIPL�  (Vector, Signal, and Image Processing Library) VSIPL® signal and image processing formal/2014-08-01
(Vector, Signal, and Image Processing Library)
VSIPL++ signal and image processing formal/2014-08-05
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