Platform Level Task Force

system assurance


The primary mission of the SysA PTF is to work within the OMG and other industry groups to:

  • adapt and extend OMG technologies that apply across domains to enhance System Assurance (e.g. Reliability, Safety, Security, and Compliance),
  • to establish a common framework for analysis and exchange of information related to system assurance and trustworthiness
  • to promote System, Software and Information Assurance in OMG product interoperability mechanisms



In this activity, the SysA PTF will:

  • Leverage other related OMG specifications, such as KDM and SPEM,
  • Establish a System Assurance common framework known as the Software Assurance (SwA) Ecosystem,
  • Provide expertise and augmentation to other assurance standards and practices (such as Common Criteria - ISO/IEC 15408 and System Assurance – ISO/IEC 15026), as they relate to OMG Specifications and Products,
  • Identify scenarios where the SwA Ecosystem may be leveraged or applied to enhance creation of trusted software, adaptations, and extensions of OMG technologies,
  • Ensure Software and Information Assurance specifications are created to facilitate improved quality and trustworthiness in systems utilizing OMG products (such as RT-CORBA, MARTE, etc.).


SwA Ecosystem


Get Involved:

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