Finance Domain Task Force

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The many financial instruments, relationships and transactions which constitute our world economy today necessitate a common language which captures its critical nuances

According to a recent IBM estimate, $3.1 Trillion of America's GDP is lost due to bad data and 1 in 3 business leaders don't trust their own data.  An Experian survey found that no fewer than 95% have seen poor quality data undermine their business performance. This is an acute problem across all sectors of the financial industry as regulators increasingly request near-real time trade transaction data to conduct systemic risk analysis.


  • Help members understand data is a business asset
  • Promote data + data semantics = financial services DNA
  • Develop best practices, innovative strategies and standards which convert financial data to smart data
  • Partner with other OMG groups and SDOs to accomplish the above

Notable Deliverables:

  • Financial Industry Business Ontology: Foundations (FIBO/FND): Defines the FIBO foundation module represented by a set of business concepts (contractual, legal and organizational), which are intended to support financial industry term semantics presented in other FIBO specifications.
  • Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI): Created out of the recognition that chaos theory has nothing on the complexity generated everyday by millions of security transactions and with the clear understanding that a published interface for creating identifiers and linking together relevant parties, through the use of technology is a critical part of the operationalization of this standard.


Get Involved:

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