SDO Standards Process

SDO Standards Process

Our time-tested standards process delivers real-world value to thousands of vertical industries

OMG® was founded to create technology standards. The value of our standards drives innovation and industry, and industry drives our economy and world. Our time-tested standards process delivers real-world value to thousands of vertical industries.

OMG's mission is to develop standards that provide real-world value for thousands of vertical industries. We bring together an international community of end users, vendors, government agencies, universities, and research institutions. They collaborate to build and revise these standards as technologies change throughout the years.

OMG's standards work is performed by the OMG® Standards Development Organization (SDO).

SDO maintains and owns the standards for the benefit of industry, thanks in large part, to the passion of individual SDO members and the organizations that sponsor them.

Over the years, SDO has perfected a time-tested formula in which problems are identified and solutions are solicited, debated, revised and opened for comments. The process is repeated until the most technically and commercially sound ideas are ready to be integrated into products and systems.

The process has been successfully used to create and update technical specifications across virtually every industry domain to produce architecture, interoperability and modeling standards that make businesses more efficient and responsive in the marketplace at reduced cost.

Our members contribute expertise to expedite high-quality technical standards, providing a foundation for competitive markets which benefit both customers and vendors. In the end, customers purchase from companies able to anticipate and drive market needs because those companies refresh their products with standards-based upgrades. These standards add value by extending IT investment lifetimes.




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