Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform Task Force

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform Task Force

Championing the use of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Discover how we're shaping the future of enterprise knowledge management through collaboration and innovation. At the forefront of this effort is our commitment to codifying industry consensus and best practices into OMG specifications, reference models, and discussion papers. Building upon the foundational work of the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation, we're advancing the development of EKG Principles, Maturity Model, Method, and Data Products. As sponsors of the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Forum Managed Community, we foster a dynamic environment for sharing insights and expertise. Through close collaboration with other OMG subgroups and consortia, we're identifying usage scenarios, ensuring alignment with existing knowledge representation technologies, and championing the widespread adoption of enterprise knowledge graphs.


  • Codify industry consensus and best practices as OMG specifications, reference models, and discussion papers
  • Continue work started at Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation
    – EKG Principles, Maturity Model, Method, Data Products
  • Sponsor the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Managed Community
  • Collaborate with other OMG subgroups and consortia to identify usage scenarios, align with other OMG knowledge representation technologies, and promote the use of enterprise knowledge graphs


  • Robust data management at scale using knowledge graphs, linked data, and ontologies, in the context of enterprises, for business purposes
  • Focused on enterprise data management not data definition. Specific domain models/ontologies are used but not in scope for this task force
  • Make use of existing enterprise models for business process, vocabularies, objectives, architecture
  • Define generic ontologies for enterprise knowledge management

Evolution of thinking about data management

Similar to "the web", an Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) represents the integration of information and knowledge of an enterprise and its ecosystem. Examples might include:

  • the interconnected organizations involved in the business, including customers, suppliers and partners - and their interrelationships and people
  • interconnected IT systems - including applications, databases, networks - and how they support business processes
  • the products and services provided - their composition and marketing and supply chains

EKGs expand on the ideas of linked data based on semantic standards and data mesh applied to the enterprise in a secure, governed, and reliable manner. An EKG encompasses both federated graph-based storage and access to other IT systems via virtual graphs. Graphs generally comprise entities of interest to the business, the connections between them, and the ontologies that provide the schemas - meaning and constraints. An EKG complements Large Language Models for enterprise AI by providing enterprise-specific facts and context.

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