Structure & Governance

OMG Structure

OMG comprises Task Forces (TFs) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs), arranged under two Technical Committees (Domain Technical Committee and Platform Technical Committee). TFs focus on standardization, while SIGs collaborate with TFs when necessary. SIGs and TFs are collectively referred to as "Sub-groups."

The AB oversees the standards process and also has Sub-committees for specific operational tasks. TFs and SIGs may establish Working Groups (WGs) for specific assignments, operating within their respective Sub-groups.

Managed Communities (MCs), sponsored by TFs, have their own membership, and can propose standards to TFs. However, they don't participate directly in standards processes or voting but may bring to an appropriate TF when required.


The OMG Architecture Board (AB) oversees all OMG processes (such as Requests for Information (RFI), Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Request for Comments (RFC), as well as all submissions of specifications and the reports of Finalization and Revision task forces.

The OMG is a member-led organization, and all Task Forces and SIGs are chaired by OMG members. The AB is chaired by the OMG Technical Director, who also chairs the Domain and Platform Technical Committees, which meet in plenary on the Friday of each OMG Quarterly Meeting.

Working Groups (WGs) have no formal standing in the OMG Policies and Procedures, and are answerable to the Task Force that set them up.

Full details of the OMG governance and process are given in the OMG Policies and Procedures, document pp/22-09-03, and are summarized on the Process Help page.