• Bill Hoffman

    Bill Hoffman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

    As Chairman and CEO , Bill is responsible for all of the business of the OMG, including Board activities and oversight of the OMG's neutral and open Technical Process.

    Bill has been with OMG since 1989 and has worked in the computer industry in the areas of advanced hardware and software for over forty years. A frequent industry speaker, he is knowledgeable on the latest trends in Industrial IoT, Digital Twins, Augmented Reality and sustainability. You can read Bill's bio here.

    Contact information: Bill is reachable by phone at OMG's main office number at +1-781-444-0404, by email at hoffman@omg.org and by fax at +1-781-444-0320.

  • Dr. Richard Soley

    Dr. Richard Soley, Emeritus, currently on leave

    As former Chairman and CEO, Dr. Soley serves as a valuable resource for a broad range of topics ranging from predictions and trends in the industry to the details of CORBA and UML (based on his original leadership as the OMG's original Technical Director for the first eight years). You can read Richard's bio here.

    Contact information: Richard is best contacted by sending him email at soley@omg.org or by sending him a fax at the OMG's main office at +1-781-444-0320.

  • Dr. Jason McC. Smith, Vice President, Technical Director

    Dr. Jason McC. Smith, Vice President, Technical Director

    Dr. Smith (Jason) comes to the OMG from a software engineering and modeling research background coupled with three decades of industry experience. He is the overseer and guide of the OMG processes for technology adoption, ensuring that they reflect the needs of the OMG community, as well as the chair of the Architecture Board, the peer-elected body of distinguished technical contributors which oversees the technical consistency of OMG's specifications. Jason opts for an open inbox policy, and is happy to answer any questions regarding the processes of the OMG, or technical specifications that it produces.

    Contact information: Jason may be contacted by email at jason@omg.org or by phone at the OMG's main number: +1-781-444-0404 #138.

  • Steven A. MacLaird

    Steven A. MacLaird, Senior Vice President

    As Senior Vice President, Steve’s primary focus is to support the OMG government activities. Secondary focus is business development for the other OMG communities including the Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™) and the Consortium for Information & Software Quality™ (CISQ™), Digital Twin Consortium® (DTC®), and the Data Distribution Service (DDS®) Foundation®, along with other duties. Steve retired from the United States Air Force after 27.5 years. Upon retirement, he consulted with a number of Fortune 200 companies as well as large, medium and small companies, DoD Services, a number of 3 letter agencies and the Department of Energy. He was Vice Chairman of the Board for PrismTech Solutions Americas; and a military advisor to the United Arab Emirates. His career spanned contracting, financial and program management for air, land, sea and space based platforms along many areas of the Battle Management Command, Control, Communications Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (BM-C4ISR) kill chain.

    Contact information: Steve can be contacted via his cell +1 703-231-6335 or by email at maclaird@omg.org or maclaird@iiconsortium.org.

  • Nancy Zukowski

    Nancy Zukowski, Chief Marketing Officer

    As Chief Marketing Officer, Nancy is responsible for revenue growth and member retention. She develops and executes marketing and communication strategies across multiple channels. Nancy oversees a team of enthusiastic professionals and directs our worldwide internal and external marketing efforts. With extensive experience in numerous segments, including information technology, healthcare, finance, and education, Nancy has spent most of her career in marketing and product management roles.

    Contact information: Nancy can be contacted at the OMG's main office number at +1-781-444-0404 Ext. 109 or by email at zukowski@omg.org.

Marketing Department


  • Terrance Milligan

    Terrance Milligan, Marketing and Analytics Manager

    As Marketing and Analytics Manager, Terrance develops and markets communication strategies across multiple channels for the Object Management Group and provides analytical support to the Industrial Internet Consortium. He holds a MBA and a BS in Computer Science with prior project manager experience.

    Contact information: Terrance can be contacted at the OMG's main office number at +1-781-444-0404 Ext. 155 or by email milligan@omg.org.

  • Evan Birkhead

    Evan Birkhead, Marketing Communications

    Evan Birkhead became part of the OMG marketing team in January 2019 with the acquisition of OpenFog Consortium. His commercial clients include leaders in IoT, IT operations, and cybersecurity. Evan began his marketing career in 1997 when he joined Micromuse, a start-up in the network management space that experienced skyrocketing growth, went public on Nasdaq, and was acquired by IBM. He is a contributor to all OMG consortia.

    Contact information: Evan may be reached by email at evan@omg.org.

  • Karen Quatromoni

    Karen Quatromoni, Director of Public Relations

    In her role, Karen is responsible for media and analyst relations for all Object Management Group (OMG) Consortia. She strategizes and executes thought leadership campaigns that result in increased awareness and visibility of Consortia messages through media and analysts, executive speaking engagements at target events, and content in the Consortia's online publications. Karen holds a bachelor's degree in music composition from Berklee College of Music and a master's of education from U. Mass Boston. She is also an accomplished jazz guitarist.

    Contact information: Karen can be contacted at the OMG's main office number at +1-781-444-0404 Ext. 146 or by email: karen@omg.org.

  • Svetlana Orlova

    Lana Orlova, Sr. Webmaster

    Lana is responsible for management of the OMG's World Wide Web sites which includes Digital Twin Consortium, CISQ, DDS Foundation, BPM+ Health, Industrial Internet Consortium, Responsible Computing, The AREA, UML, CORBA and OMGSysML web sites. She also assists OMG's marketing department team with designing of logos, flyers, banners, and other marketing materials for web as well as for print. Svetlana received her diplomas in Graphic and Web Design from Clark's University, Cambridge MA, where she also finished Webmaster Program. She is the editorial and technical liaison for the OMG services available to members and non-members alike.

    Comments and suggestions on the OMG's web pages can be sent to lana@omg.org or webmaster@omg.org.

    Contact information: Lana may be reached by email at lana@omg.org or by phone at +1-781-444-0404.

Events Department


  • Mike Narducci

    Mike Narducci, Director, Meetings and Events

    Mike is the Director of Meetings & Events at OMG and oversees implementation and coordination of various OMG marketing programs such as technical meetings, member events, and workshops, providing support and promotion, including website content and related electronic advertising and webcasts. In addition, Mike supports the OMG sales and marketing teams with member acquisition and retention.

    Contact information: Mike can be contacted at the OMG's main office number at +1-781-444-0404 Ext. 104 or by email at mike@omg.org.

  • Carol David

    Carol David, Corporate Event Manager

    Carol is the Corporate Event Manager at OMG and will lean on her years of industry experience to coordinate, support and manage a variety of OMG/IIC/CISQ programs, meetings, conferences and events. Carol will also serve as the point person for external tradeshow involvement, working with third party event organizers to develop promotional trade agreements for all organizations.

    Contact information: Carol can be reached at +1-781-444-0404 Ext. 139 or by email at carol@omg.org.

Technical Department


  • Juergen Boldt

    Juergen Boldt, Vice President, Member Services

    Juergen is responsible for tracking all standards processes throughout the OMG's specification adoption process including all spec. revision cycles and associated adoption votes. He is also managing all OMG document archives. He is the Point of Contact for most process related issues. In addition to providing general member support and services, he also manages OMG's IT department, which services OMG staff and members alike.

    Contact information: Juergen can be reached by sending email to juergen@omg.org, or by calling the OMG's main office number at +1-781-444-0404.

  • Michelle Seaver

    Michelle Seaver, Technical Editor

    Michelle handles the technical editing of OMG publications, archival and management of publications on-line and development of CD versions of specifications.

    Contact information: Michelle may be contacted by phone at the OMG's main number at +1-781-444-0404. She can also be reached via email at michelle@omg.org

Administrative/Finance Department


  • Lucy DeLisle

    Lucy DeLisle, VP of Finance/HR

    Lucy is responsible for the OMG’s financial reporting and manages the daily accounting functions. She is also responsible for Human Resources and manages employee relations and benefits for the company.

    Contact information: Lucy prefers to be contacted by email at lucy@omg.org but can also be contacted by telephone at +1-781-444-0404. For billing inquires or questions about payments for vendors please contact accounting@omg.org.

  • Denise Wahl

    Denise Wahl, Manager, Administrative Support and Services

    Denise works directly with the senior executives of OMG. She also assists in the registration process.

    Contact information: Denise can be contacted by phone at +1-781-444-0404, by fax at +1-781-444-0320 or email denise@omg.org.

  • Carl Ehramjian

    Carl Ehramjian, Accounts Receivable Assistant

    Carl is assisting with daily accounting functions, membership renewals and collections.

    Contact information: Carl can be reached by telephone at +1-781-444-0404 ext. 144, or carl@omg.org.

Business Development


  • Steve Gillis

    Steve Gillis, Sr. Account Executive

    Steve is the Senior Account Executive in Business Development and is responsible for developing memberships and sponsorships for OMG and the Industrial Internet Consortium.

    Contact information: Steve can be contacted at the OMG's main office number at +1-781-444-0404 Ext. 119 or by email at steve@omg.org.

  • Christopher Corso

    Christopher Corso, Account Executive

    Chris is an Account Executive at OMG and responsible for memberships and sponsorships across all managed programs including the Digital Twin Consortium, Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the Consortium for Information & Software Quality (CISQ), and BPM+ Health.

    Contact information: Chris can be contacted at the OMG's main office number at +1-781-444-0404 Ext. 108 or via email at corso@omg.org.

  • Michael Koshgarian

    Michael Koshgarian, Account Executive

    Michael is an Account Executive at OMG and responsible for memberships and sponsorships for the AREA community.

    Contact information: Michael can be contacted at 401-952-6768 or via email at koshgarian@omg.org.

  • Diane Ehramjian

    Diane Ehramjian, Director, Member Engagement

    As Director of Member Engagement, Diane is a resource and point of contact for all consortium members to find help with getting started, introductions, and engagement in consortium activity.

    Contact information: Diane can be contacted at the OMG's main office number at +1-781-444-0404 Ext. 115 or by email at diane@omg.org.

International Representatives