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The OMG's Government Domain Task Force (Gov DTF) looks to enhance the reliability and security of sensitive communications. Fortifying government security ensures the civil liberties of its citizenry are upheld and is paramount to the sustainability of a civilization. Therefore, establishing a secure information sharing environment plays a critical role in the protection of an essential governmental infrastructure among relevant parties.

91% of US agency officials stated they are innovating with urgency to meet new government initiatives while minimizing data breaches and this eBook addresses that effort. Transforming a government's processes by implementing networked technologies while simultaneously eliminating weaknesses guarantees the preservation of a progressive society unconstrained by geographic boundaries. The Gov DTF can help realize and expedite government initiative requirements.


The Government Info Sharing & Services Domain Task Force (Gov DTF) aims to:

  • Serve as a community of interest in the application of OMG's Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and other OMG specifications to governmental organizations in civilian, defense, and intelligence sectors.
  • Recommend technology specifications based on MDA that enables interoperability, modularity, and reusability in government systems.
  • Provide advice, consultation, and support to the OMG in the development of specifications applicable to government systems.
  • Form and coordinate government specific working groups tailored to address the specific government sector needs at the local, regional, national and international levels.
  • Liaise with external governmental and standards organizations.

The OMG congratulates the US Congress and President for enacting the Financial Data Transparency Act (FDTA) in December 2022, which mandates data standards for the data and reports collected by nearly all US financial supervisory and regulatory agencies! The FDTA requires that their data be machine-readable, semantically modeled, non-proprietary, and interoperable; all of which are critical for a safe, secure, and productive financial system. As OMG is a recognized standards development organization (Voluntary Consensus Standards Body (VCSB)) for the financial sector, it stands ready to work with agencies, associations, the financial community, and regulatory bodies to develop and promulgate rigorous and reliable specification standards. Stay tuned to OMG for a series of briefs and events on what the FDTA will mean to you and your business!

Notable Deliverables:

  • Model for Performance-driven Government: Specifies a model that provides a uniform basis for agencies within the U.S. Federal Government to represent, analyze, and report on their enterprise-level transformation activities.
  • Records Management Service: Provides models for software services to support management activities for electronic records.
  • UML Profile for NIEM: Is part of the NIEM Program Management Office's (PMO) strategy in support of the NIEM community and intended to broaden NIEM adoption and in aligning to industry standards.

Work in Progress:

  • Standard Business Report Model RFP: Solicits a specification that complements established mechanisms for representation of structured data files submitted as business reports, typically financial reports to regulators, in formats such as XBRL, by 1) applying a business modeling approach to report definition, making reports easier to develop, 2) enabling business-level expression of rules in order to manage quality, 3) facilitating reuse of information across multiple reports, 4) allowing use with industry- or enterprise-standard information models and ontologies, 5) allowing direct linkage with enterprise information sources for report data, and 6) Providing alternative formats for reports to allow access by a greater variety of analytical tooling while providing interoperability with XBRL-based report definitions and report submissions.

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