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The OMG Data-Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems® (DDS®) is the first open international middleware standard directly addressing publish-subscribe communications for real-time and embedded systems.

The DDS Vendor Directory is maintained by the OMG. For the activities of the DDSIG and other events of interest to the community, please visit the EventCalendar and the DDSIG page. The portal uses a Wiki to manage the content. For information on using the portal, including how to add new content please visit the help page. The DDS Vendor Directory is your opportunity to show the world that you stand ready to support organizations in their quest to better understand, their own internal DDS processes.

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DISCLAIMER: Listings are the sole responsibility of the posting company and are provided as a resource "as is" to anyone using the directory. OMG in no way, explicitly or implicitly, warrants or endorses any of the claims, products, services or organizations listed. OMG does not accept any liability for the veracity of the postings, or for actions taken by users of the directory based on the information provided by the participating vendors/service providers. Please direct questions about the content of the listings to the vendor/service provider of that listing.