Analysis & Design Platform Task Force

Analysis & Design Platform Task Force

Augmenting Analysis & Design

The OMG's Analysis & Design Platform Task Force (AD PTF) promotes the augmentation of modeling techniques in large-scale systems. The AD PTF looks to provide uniform modeling approaches for greater interoperability and efficiency.


  • Enable developers to better understand how to develop applications, including large-scale distributed systems.
  • Leverage and interoperate with other OMG specifications
  • Liaise with related organizations with common goals
  • Promote standard modeling techniques that increase rigor and consistency of specifications
  • Recommend architectures and technologies related to modeling and metamodeling to enable interchangeability of work products and interoperability of tools and repositories

Get Involved:

If you're an OMG member, have a member account, and want to get involved, you can Subscribe to The A&D PTF Mailing List to receive frequent group email updates and/or contact [email protected]. If you don't know if your organization is already a member, check the OMG Member ListRequest An Account, and follow the prior steps, if your organization is a member, to get engaged. If not a member and interested in getting involved please visit our Membership Overview Webpage and/or contact [email protected].