Model-Based Acquisition User Group Community

A cross-industry community uniting end users, government, academia, and tool vendors to share practices and advance MBSE standards and reference architecture.

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Model-Based Acquisition User Group Community

About Model-Based Acquisition User Group Community

The Model-Based Acquisition User Group Community (MBAcq) will enable participating members to access a wealth of cutting-edge insights at the forefront of the industry, working on projects shaping the future of MBSE specifications and reference architectures. MBAcq members will obtain value through networking and participation in developing community products, giving them a competitive advantage.

MBAcq Community Purpose

The purpose of this community is to serve as a forum where end users from various industries, government entities, academia, and tool vendors come together to collaborate on the creation and advancement of standardized patterns, reference architectures, and guidance for advancing the progress of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) standards during acquisition.

The user community will guide engineering and acquisition professionals on how to use MBSE standards and reference architectures to create and respond to Request for Proposals (RFPs).

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