Middleware and Related Services Platform Task Force

Middleware and Related Services Platform Task Force

The Importance of Middleware

The OMG's Middleware & Related Services Platform Task Force (MARS PTF) is the hub for all middleware related best practices and standards. This article provides an exceptional brief overview on the importance of middleware. The MARS PTF works with organizations to facilitate higher level applications and frameworks.


To solicit, evaluate, and recommend specifications related to:

  • Request broker technology and other platform independent service technologies and their mappings
  • General purpose pervasive services that are 1) fundamental to developing useful distributed applications, 2) a universal basis for application and information integration, or 3) support higher level facilities and frameworks
  • Mappings for pervasive services specific to middleware platforms and reference mapping from generic PIM constructs to platform-specific constructs and protocol rules
  • Supporting technologies for application and information integration, and collaboration


Active MaRS Working Groups:

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