Open Civic Standards Domain Special Interest Group

Open Civic Standards Domain Special Interest Group

The Open Civic Architectural Framework (OCAF) is an open reference architecture for public sector digital system transportation and development. The architecture provides a replicable framework for secure, interoperable data exchange and digital service delivery across government entities, civic and private sector partners. The Open Civic Standards Domain Special Interest Group (OCS DSIG) will promote the adoption of vertical specifications under the OCAF that standardize digital infrastructure for government and civic service delivery. Together, the OCAF and OCS DSIG will allow government and civic entrepreneurs to focus on programs and applications that will improve civic outcomes and constituent and community quality of life, instead of trying to solve infrastructure problems in isolation. The DSIG will also function as a discussion group and collaborate with other OMG subgroups to identify and document use cases and requirements for public sector digital infrastructure and identify the need for civic service-related additions or revisions to those groups' existing and emerging specifications. It will seek to identify external stakeholders, including other standards development organizations, and partner with them as needed.


To free government and constituents at all levels (local, tribal, state, territorial, federal, and global) from:

  • Antiquated civic service delivery methods
  • Duplicative infrastructure and systems integration failure
  • Loss of data rights and loss of privacy
  • Maintenance vs modernization disruptions
  • Minimal opportunity for civic engagement
  • Noncomprehensive cybersecurity
  • Procurement and contract management failure
  • Proprietary system lock-in
  • Technology bloat and increased IT management costs
  • Unclear strategy resulting in unfocused, ineffective governance
  • Unstandardized and siloed data

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