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To enable development of ontology-related technology by:

  • bringing together the expertise in the semantics of software with the expertise for knowledge representation, consistency checking, and knowledge-processing, in order to leverage each otherís technologies

  • reaching out to domain-oriented groups at the OMG, and advise them how to adopt appropriate ontology technologies as a means to maximize the reuse, improve the rigor, and eliminate the inconsistencies of their contributions

  • capturing OMG's existing domain knowledge to maximize reuse of experience gained from developing domain-oriented APIs

  • developing working relationships among OMG activities and related activities, such as the semantic web and agent communities

  • gathering together prior work and developing white papers, languages, and mappings (profiles and MOF metamodels) 


Information for the upcoming meeting:

Click here.


Contacts:  Evan Wallace
Elisa Kendall 
How to get involved:

If you are interested in getting involved with this group, want more information or would like to come as a guest to an upcoming meeting and obtain temporary access to the mailing list, please contact one of our Account Representative or contact the Chair.

Email Lists:

The OMG maintains a number of email lists for our groups. Click here to view the email list(s) which are pertinent to this group. Many lists are only open to members of the OMG.

If you have any questions about adopted specifications, please feel free to contact the tech-editor

Hot topic!!!

W3C will be holding a workshop on RDF Next Steps in the California Bay Area after the upcoming Semantic Technology Conference in June to discuss possible new standardization efforts for RDF.

OASIS has formed the new QUOMOS TC to define a standard ontology for physical quantities and units of measure.


A new RFP is being drafted to create a standard API for Knowledge Bases (API4KB) such as those in OWL and RDF tools.

Last updated on: 06/02/2016

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