Architecture Board

This page contains information -- primarily pointers to other documents -- about how the Architecture Board operates as well as information useful for submitters of technology adoptions.

The Architecture Board is the technical oversight board for OMG SDO, acting as a senior advising body on both a wide range of technologies, and the processes of the OMG SDO. The focus of the AB is to ensure that documents put forth for consideration of adoption as OMG SDO specifications conform to the best practices of the OMG SDO, as well as being properly situated within the OMG SDO ecosystem of specifications. Each AB member is elected by their relevant Technical Committee, and is recognized as an expert within their field volunteering their time and knowledge to the OMG mission.

AB Membership

Of the eleven AB seats, five are elected by the OMG SDO 's Domain Technology Committee, five by the Platform Technology Committee, and one is held by the independent chair (an OMG employee). Five seats are elected each year, and each elected seat has a term of two years. The current AB membership can be found here.


AB Operating Rules

The AB operates under a Constitution (approved by the OMG Board of Directors) that establishes its domain of operations. The AB can make changes to the published architectural documents of the OMG SDO and it approves RFP issuances and technology adoptions. To perform these duties the AB has a set of less formal procedures that facilitate the flow of actions between and during member meetings. It also occasionally issues documents about what it expects in RFPs and submissions.


OMG SDO Policies and Procedures

The OMG SDO Policies and Procedures covers the operation of the entire OMG SDO , including the AB. It contains membership categories, the organization (TCs and AB), and the procedure for technology adoptions.



The AB Constitution was approved by the OMG Board of Directors in 1996. It can be found here.


AB Statement Types

The AB and its sub-groups produce discussion papers and the AB occasionally makes definitive statements based on these so-called green papers. Some statements change the OMG SDO architectural documents. Some statements address expectations for technology adoptions. At the November, 1997 meeting, the AB established the kinds of statements it would utter. A later section contains the statements issued since that time.

  • AB Position -- The stated position is a recommended approach for technology adoptions. Following this approach will usually not lead to problems in gaining AB approval.
  • AB Policy -- The AB requires the subject matter to be binding on all submissions. Deviations will usually result in rejection.
  • AB Architecture Finding -- The AB directs that the OMG SDO architectural documents (the OMA and the Reference Model) be updated.


RFP Template

The AB establishes the general requirements for what must go into an RFP. Every submission must satisfy these requirements. A particular RFP adds specific technology details. The general requirements are revised from time to time by AB actions. The current version is available here.


Submission Template (ISO PAS compatible)

Several years ago, OMG SDO decided to submit the majority of its specifications to ISO to become ISO standards using either ISO JTC1's PAS process or ISO's Fast-Track. For a specification from OMG SDO to become an ISO standard, it is highly desirable that it be in a format closely approximating the ISO format. (If it is not in an ISO-like format when the standard comes up for its five year review in ISO, it will be withdrawn). A template is available for formatting submissions to RFPs in the ISO PAS format. It is highly recommended that submitters to an RFP adopt this format as soon as the Initial Submission. RFCs must be proposed using this format.


AB Statements

The following are Architecture Board Policy statements:


AB Subgroups

The AB charters subgroups, Sub-Committees and Special Interest Groups for various reasons. In some cases, the groups discuss architectural or cross-domain matters and present recommendations to the AB or the TCs. In other cases they are housed under the AB umbrella as a matter of convenience because they don't reasonably fit in a TC. In all cases, these groups have no ability to issue RFPs or make technology adoptions because that power is vested only in the TCs.

The subgroups could be found within the TC Subgroup Directory.


AB Nominations

Candidates for AB Seats must submit the following to OMG Headquarters:

  • An AB Election Nomination Form signed by at least ten OMG SDO members in good standing (Domain or Contributing for a DTC Seat and Platform or Contributing for a PTC Seat.) To get elected, the candidate has to be well known to the voters (either in person or by reputation). Canvassing helps, but ultimately people vote for someone they respect personally.
  • A letter from the candidate's employer committing at the maximum 25% of the candidate's time to AB activity. If elected, the candidate must attend almost all the OMG SDO meetings for the duration of the term. Skipping more than the odd one activates a clause in the P&P that leads to the AB member being "retired" (sic). A template suggesting the form that this letter might take is available here.