2023 SysML v2.0 Overview

SysML Session

DATE: Wednesday, June 21, 2023
TIME: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT
FORMAT: Hybrid (Online & Onsite)
PLACE: Loews Royal Pacific Resort
CONTACT: [email protected]


Systems Modeling Language™ v2.0 (SysML® v2.0)

SysML v2 enables modeling of increasingly complex systems as part of the evolving practice of model-based systems engineering, and provides improved precision, expressiveness, consistency, usability, interoperability, and extensibility over SysML v1.

The collection of SysML v2 specifications were submitted to the OMG Board of Directors for approval as beta specifications and have entered their finalization phase. The SysML v2 submission concluded five years of development with representation from over 80 organizations, resulting in three specifications and an open-source pilot implementation to validate them. It is anticipated that the final adopted specifications will be approved by the OMG in 2024 and that some of the tool vendors will have commercial SysML v2 implementations available at that time.

This session will include two parts presented by the co-leaders of the SysML v2 Submission Team. The first part will include an overview of SysML v2 capabilities and a comparison of SysML v2 with SysML v1, while the second part will address some of the key language design decisions that led to the current specifications and the rationale for those decisions.