EXPRESS Metamodel™

Common communication across information models

OMG EXPRESS Metamodel creates a bridge between the hundreds of major information models for manufacturing and construction information that are formally specified in EXPRESS and standardized by ISO, and the many sophisticated and widely-used graphical modeling tools based on SysML® and UML® modeling language standards.

This specification is a metamodel for the EXPRESS information modeling language, as defined by ISO 10202-11.2:2004. The specification includes all elements of the language and conforms to the OMG Complete Meta-Object Facility (CMOF) specification, version 2.0. At the time of its standardization, there were no standard information modeling languages—all were graphical. To make these models useful to an industry in which programmers and modelers are not commonly taught EXPRESS, further ISO projects have been conducted using the spec.

The EXPRESS Metamodel is an OMG MOF™ metamodel of the ISO STEP (ISO 10303 series) EXPRESS modeling language, which was developed within the ISO STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product data) standards framework. It is intended to provide a common basis for communication among tools that create or compile EXPRESS models, analyze them, and/or map them to various forms of implementation.



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