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It's no accident that INCOSE's SEP certification program and OMG's OCSMP are complementary - they were planned that way from the beginning. The INCOSE SEP certification program provides comprehensive coverage of Systems Engineering knowledge, experience, and leadership. Augmenting this, OCSMP tests SysML and MBSE knowledge and skills. Together, they cover the whole of today's Systems Engineering problem and solution space, maximizing the value of the SEP and OCSMP certifications to the professional who acquires both.


To encourage candidates to acquire both organizations' certifications, holders of a certification from one organization receive discounts on their certifications from the other. To maximize the visibility of candidates' dual certification, both INCOSE's lists of Systems Engineering Professionals and OMG's Certified Professionals Directory will list both INCOSE's SEP and OMG's OCSMP certifications for candidates who hold both. Read on for details:



In 2004 INCOSE introduced its Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) program. The INCOSE SEP offers three levels of recognition that align well with typical Systems Engineering career levels. Through an application, evaluation, and examination process, INCOSE grants qualified system engineers the status of INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP). In July 2008, INCOSE introduced an entry-level Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) credential. The ASEP focuses on Systems Engineering knowledge via an examination. In 2010, INCOSE introduced a senior-level Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP) credential. In addition to significant Systems Engineering experience, the ESEP utilizes an oral review process to determine if the leadership and accomplishment criteria have been met.

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OMG's four-level OCSMP certification program emphasizes SysML knowledge and skills, extending beyond the language itself to touch on more general aspects of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Comprising four levels structured to align with industry job tasks and roles, the program builds on a Model User certification designed for project participants who must read and interpret SysML diagrams to do their work but do not create nor modify them. Building on this (for all lower-level certifications are prerequisite for levels above) are three Model-Builder certifications: Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced. Based on the same subset of SysML (termed the "basic feature set") as the Model User exam, Model Builder-Fundamental covers the essentials of model building; Intermediate extends to cover the rest of the language along with more sophisticated modeling skills. Advanced topics covered in the last exam include customization of SysML, metamodeling, integration, and aspects of tools and methodologies.

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To receive your 10% discount on INCOSE's SEP examinations:

Complete a standard INCOSE application form (Form 1A for ASEP, Form 1 for CSEP, Form 41 for ESEP) that includes your contact information, your OMG/Pearson VUE Candidate ID, the level of OMG OCSMP certification you hold (OCSMP-MU100, OCSMP-MBF200, OCSMP-MBI300, or OCSMP-MBA400), and any other information required on the form for the level you are pursuing. Submit to INCOSE at  Pay for your application online via the secure payment page on the INCOSE certification website, including the 10% savings off of the applicable application fee (note that there is no reduction to the exam fee that is paid to Prometric each time the exam is taken.) INCOSE will confirm your OMG certification status and that the primary contact information (first and last names, organization or company, city, state/province, country, and email address) in your OMG/Pearson VUE record exactly matches your INCOSE registration (and, if you already hold an INCOSE certification, that it matches your INCOSE record also) and send you back an exam authorization code. Be sure the primary contact information you provide to INCOSE is exactly the same as the corresponding information you used to register with OMG. If it's not, follow the instructions under Viewing and Updating your Contact Information, below. 

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To receive your 10% discount on OMG's OCSMP examinations:

Fill in and submit this application form. It asks for your primary contact information (first and last names, organization or company, city, state/province, country, and email address) and the level of INCOSE certification you hold (ASEP, CSEP, or ESEP), along with its dates and numbers. If you also hold any OMG certifications, fill in the requested information about them too. OMG will confirm your INCOSE certification status and that the primary contact information you provided exactly matches your INCOSE registration (and, if you already hold an OMG certification, that it matches your OMG record also) and email you back a personal voucher number. When you register with Pearson VUE to take an OCSMP examination, you'll enter the voucher number during payment and be credited with your 10% discount. You'll be able to use the same number for all of your OCSMP examinations (yes, including re-takes if you need any). Be sure the information you provide to OMG is exactly the same as the information you used to register with INCOSE, and the same that you used (or will use) to register with Pearson VUE. Note that the Pearson VUE candidate registry holds two addresses; it's OK to list your conforming address in the second position if you prefer to have Pearson VUE contact you at a different location.  To view and update your contact information, follow the instructions under Viewing and Updating your Contact Information in the next section on this page.

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Viewing and Updating your Contact Information

The primary contact information - your first and last names, organization or company, city, state/province, country, and email address - in your INCOSE record and OMG/Pearson VUE record must match exactly in order to qualify you for our program discount and dual listings. Your organization or company field and state/province field may be blank but, if the field is blank in one record, it must be blank in the other as well. If you've moved since you registered with one program or the other, a common occurrence if you work on contract and registered using an office address, you'll have to update your record(s) so that both are current,  correct, and identical.  

To view or change the contact information on your INCOSE record, if you're an INCOSE member, go to and click on the View/Update Member Record link on the left. Log in using your INCOSE Connect username and password. If you’re not a member of INCOSE, you’ll have to call their administrative offices at +1 858-541-1725 during business hours, US Pacific time, to change the contact information in your record. 

To view or change the contact information on your OMG/Pearson VUE record, go to, access the My Account page using the menu button in the list on the right, and log in with your Pearson VUE username and password. Then click on Update Profile in the list on the left. 

To receive dual recognition:

If your primary contact information (first and last names, organization or company, city, state/province, country, and email address) is listed identically with INCOSE and OMG/Pearson VUE, you don't have to do anything to receive dual listings in both the INCOSE lists of Systems Engineering Professionals and the OMG Certified Professionals Directory. OMG and INCOSE compare names of newly-certified SEPs and OCSMPs on a regular basis, identify dual-certified professionals, and add their SEP credentials to the OMG listing and OCSMP to their INCOSE listing. If you pass the exam for a higher level of certification, we'll notice and list that automatically too. Note that the OMG Certified Professionals Directory is opt-in; OMG will add your INCOSE credential to their database automatically but it will only show up if you've enabled posting in their system. If you're dual-certified but not listed and it's been more than a month (or you're just growing impatient), and you think we didn't notice, you can request dual recognition by filling in and submitting the web form here.

Summing Up:

INCOSE and OMG are pleased to offer this program, and hope you will take advantage. As the field of Systems Engineering makes increasing use of technological advances, our certifications encourage professionals to increase their knowledge and hone their skills as our listings encourage companies to seek out and hire or reward these engineers.

If you have any questions about this program, you can address them to INCOSE at or to OMG at .

OCUP, OCRES, OCEB and OCSMP are joint programs of the OMG and the UML Technology Institute (UTI)