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Mr. Rory Kinney, Director, Architecture & Engineering, DoD-CIO, to Keynote OMG Inaugural UAF & MBSE Summit

Needham, MA, March 9, 2015 - The Object Management Group® (OMG)® announced today that Mr. Rory Kinney, Director of Architecture and Engineering, U.S. DoD-CIO Office, will keynote its first UAF and MBSE Day Summit on March 23 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Reston, Virginia. Mr. Kinney will discuss current and future architecture-related projects within the DoD.

Mr. Kinney will be joined by other thought leaders from government, system integrators, the UAF development team, and practitioners to discuss challenges, strategies, and current and emerging practices. Presentations include:

  • "Welcome and Introductions": Dr. Richard Soley, Chairman & CEO, Object Management Group
  • Keynote Presentation - "Architecture and Interoperability within the DoD": Mr. Rory Kinney, Director of Architecture and Engineering, U.S. DoD-CIO Office
  • UDPM Panel - "Motivation and Overview for UPDM and Where It Is Going": Aurelijus Morkevicius, Ph.D., Senior Solution Architect, No Magic, Inc., and UPDM Co-Chair; Matthew Hause, GTM Solutions Specialist, Fellow, PTC, and UPDM Co-Chair; and Graham Bleakley, Ph.D., Senior Solution Architect, Aerospace and Defense, IBM and UPDM Co-Chair
  • "Using UPDM for Defense Architectures": Steve W. Mitchell, LM Fellow, Master Architect, INCOSE ESEP, Lockheed Martin
  • "Using UPDM for Non-military Applications": Lars-Olof Kihlström, Principal Consultant, Syntell AB
  • "Integrating UPDM with SysML and UML on a DoD Acquisition Program": Paul Vaughan, NGIS Tech Fellow, EPS CAPS Chief Engineer and Architect, Northrop Grumman
  • "Briefing on the Use of UPDM for a Major DOD Acquisition Program": Ms. Philomena (Phil) Zimmerman, Deputy Director, Engineering Tools and Environments ODASD(SE)/EE

Click here to learn more and register for this complimentary half day event.

The Summit is co-located with the Object Management Group Technical Meeting, which runs from March 23-27.

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