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INCOSE and OMG encourage candidates to acquire both the INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) certification and the OMG-Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP) certification. One way we do this is by cross-listing our certified professionals in each other's directories. (In addition, each organization offers a discount on its certification to holders of the other's.) This cross-listing guarantees that everyone who locates a dual-certified Systems Engineer in either directory finds out about both of his or her certifications and comprehensive knowledge and skill set. If you came here from either OMG’s or INCOSE’s program page, you're already aware of program details; if not, you're encouraged to click through to fill yourself in. [NOTE: NEEDS INCOSE's LINK WHEN AVAILABLE]


Periodically, OMG and INCOSE compare names of newly-certified Systems Engineers. When we detect a match, each organization inserts the cross-listing information into its candidate database. Because INCOSE displays information for all of its certified professionals, the additional information about OCSMP certifications appears automatically. OMG's directory, however, is Opt-In - If the candidate has already chosen to display his record in the online directory, the INCOSE certification will appear as soon as it's added. If not, the information still sits in the system database ready for display as soon as the candidate enables. 


If you hold both an INCOSE SEP and OMG OCSMP certification, there are a number of reasons why your dual certification status might not show up in your INCOSE and OMG directory listings: 

The most common reason is that it's too soon, and we haven't yet conducted the periodic (monthly, about) matching procedure that will lead to your listing. If it's been less than a month since you passed the exam that qualifies you for dual listing, you have a choice: You can wait a bit longer and see if your listing shows up, or fill in and submit the form on this page now if you're getting impatient.  

Another possible reason: Your primary contact information might not match. This is the next most common problem. OMG and INCOSE match on these fields: 

  • first and last names
  • organization or company
  • city
  • state/province
  • country
  • email address (the only way we'll communicate with you)

These fields in your INCOSE and OMG/Pearson VUE records must match exactly or you won't be dual-listed. (Note that your Pearson VUE record can hold two addresses; OMG will check both and, if either one matches your INCOSE record, you're OK. However, we'll only contact you using the email address that matches your INCOSE entry.) Your organization or company field and state/province field may be blank but, if the field is blank in one organization's record, it must be blank in the other's as well. If your contact information does not match, your cross-listing will be delayed until you update the two records to be correct and identical. It's your responsibility to update as necessary so that this requirement is met. After you update, you need to fill in and submit the form on this page since we don't monitor everyone's contact information for updates. If we spot a slight discrepancy in your contact information during our check for matches we will probably send you an email about it (depending, in part, on how sure we can be that the inconsistent records actually belong to the same person) but the primary responsibility for finding inconsistent entries and fixing them up rests with you. 

Other reasons: We won't list other reasons because none of them are common enough and the remedy for all is the same: Fill in and submit the form on this page. 


If you hold both an INCOSE SEP and an OMG OCSMP certification, and it's been more than four weeks since you passed the most recent one, but you don't see both certifications listed in both your INCOSE and OMG Certified Professionals directories, fill out and submit this form to get things fixed up. First, check these basics:  

  • You must both hold an OMG OCSMP certification and an INCOSE SEP certification (of course!). Is your SEP certification current? Check the expiration date!
  • Your primary contact information must match exactly. (See previous section.) Check your INCOSE and Pearson VUE/OMG listings and correct any entries that don't match, ensuring that the two records are identical and correct.
  • When all of these requirements are met, fill in and submit the form on this page. 

If there's nothing amiss with your certifications and records, OMG and INCOSE will adjust our Certified Professionals databases to add your certs to our listings, and email you back a confirmation. If we find any problems, we'll email you with details and work with you to fix things up. 

Contact Information (These fields must match between your INCOSE and OMG/Pearson records):

Contact Information:
Highest level of INCOSE Certification held:
What OMG Certifications do you hold? If None, leave this section blank. 

Select the OCSMP certification(s) that you hold, and enter the corresponding dates. If you saved the Score Report you received from the test center when you passed your exam, enter the Registration ID; otherwise leave this space blank.

OMG certifications Date taken Registration ID

Select any other OMG certification(s) that you hold, and enter their corresponding dates. If you saved the Score Report you received from the test center when you passed your exam, enter the Registration ID; otherwise leave this space blank.

You MUST enter at least one of the three IDs requested. Enter two or all three if you have them:

To prevent automated posts, please enter the text shown on the image as the verification code below.

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OCSMP is a joint program of the OMG and the UML Technology Institute (UTI). For more information or questions about the OMG Certification Program, please contact