OMG Certified Expert in BPM 2 (OCEB 2)

OMG Certified UML Professional 2™ (OCUP 2™)

OCUP 2 Structure

The OMG Certified Unified Modeling Language (UML) Professional 2 (OCUP 2) exams test an individual's ability to properly interpret and construct UML model diagrams in the way UML is used today.

UML facilitates diagramming of a system's structure and behavior to display its salient features, which enables a final design optimized with desired characteristics. While constructing a model, one can analyze and adjust an emerging system as diagrams help visualize high-level structure, relationships among components and lower-level details.

Anyone who uses UML will benefit from OCUP 2 certification.

There are three OCUP 2 exams: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.

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The OCUP 2 Foundation (prerequisite to OCUP 2 Intermediate and Advanced) certification exam tests an individual's knowledge of a subset of the most used UML behavioral and structural diagram types and UML elements and attributes needed to design and implement real, practical and everyday systems. The individual is also tested on why certain domains use software modeling and the benefits they derive therefrom. This OCUP 2 certification level is intended to certify practitioners whose depth of UML knowledge and skill supports proficient model building and interpretation. With an OCUP 2 Foundation certification, a model user is well-equipped to interpret UML diagrams while a model builder is prepared to work on a modeling team. Click the OCUP 2 Foundation button below to view and download detailed exam information.

OCUP 2 Foundation

The OCUP 2 Intermediate (prerequisite to OCUP 2 Advanced) certification exam extensively tests an individual's knowledge of the most appropriate UML elements and attributes of structures frequently used in complex and larger system models. With a OCUP 2 Intermediate certification, a model builder is well-equipped to design and generate interoperating modules, improve upon other models and clearly explain the full UML diagram suite to model users. Click the OCUP 2 Intermediate button to view and download detailed exam information.

OCUP 2 Intermediate

The OCUP 2 Advanced certification exam tests an individual's knowledge on the complete UML palette of elements and attributes available for modeling structure and behavior in up to the largest of system models as well as metamodeling based on other specifications in the UML family (Alf, fUML and MOF). With a OCUP 2 Advanced certification, a model builder is the company UML guru at the highest level of technical management, leading workgroups and presentations, making decisions on analysis, design and development proposals and evaluating their results. Click the OCUP 2 Advanced button to view and download detailed exam information.

OCUP 2 Advanced