OCUP 2: Discount Voucher

OCUP 2 Advanced Exam: Application For Discount Voucher

Discount Voucher

OCUP 2 Certification

If you have already paid for and taken the original OCUP Advanced examination, OMG will send you a voucher for a discount on the OCUP 2 Advanced exam during its first year of availability. The amount of the discount depends on how long ago you took the original exam. You can receive a voucher even if you didn't pass. If you took the exam more than once, we'll base the discount on the date of your most recent attempt. (This gives you the largest discount.)  Fill in the application form below to apply for your voucher. (If you took your OCUP Advanced examination in Japanese, your program administrator is UTI and this offer does not apply to you.) 

You must apply for your voucher before 1 January 2019, and take the OCUP 2 Advanced exam before your voucher expires on 31 January 2019. OMG will look up your exam registration using the information you provide on this application. If we find it, we'll email your voucher to the address in your Pearson VUE registration record. If we don't, we'll contact you by email to resolve any discrepancy.

Enter your information into this form and press Submit. Fields with an Asterisk (*) are required.

You MUST enter at least one of the three IDs requested. Enter two or all three if you have them:


Voucher amount is based on the date you took the OCUP Advanced exam. You must have paid for and taken the exam - NoShows don't count - but you didn't have to pass. If you took the exam more than once, enter and use the date of your most recent attempt. Which voucher are you applying for?

Your name must be identical to the name on your Pearson VUE registration:

You MUST use the email address on your Pearson VUE registration. If you can't (because, e.g., it's for a company you no longer work for), you'll have to update your Pearson record before we can process your voucher application:

To prevent automated posts, please enter the text shown on the image as the verification code below.

Verification Code:


For more information or questions about the OMG Certification Program, contact  certificationinfo@omg.org.

OCUP, OCRES, OCEB and OCSMP are joint programs of the OMG and the OMG Japan.