Welcome to OCUP 2™ - OMG's UML 2.5 Certification!

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OMG-Certified in UML 2.5!

Now you can become OMG-Certified in UML 2.5!

The OCUP 2 program tests a person’s knowledge and skill in the construction and interpretation of model diagrams using Unified Modeling Language. UML modeling lets practitioners diagram a system’s structure and behavior in ways that bring out its salient features, enabling a final design that is optimized for its desired characteristics. While constructing their model, architects and designers can analyze and adjust the emerging system as the diagrams they construct help them visualize high-level structure, relationships among components, and lower-level details.

How do You use UML? 

Everyone who uses UML will benefit from OCUP 2 certification. Not all UML users are model builders - some will be model users. All of these professionals will benefit from OCUP 2 Certification.  

The OCUP 2 program tests a modeler’s or user's knowledge  and skill in the way that the Unified Modeling Language is used. You should come to the test knowing the names, shapes, and definitions of the elements listed in our Coverage Maps, and how they appear and are used in models. In the exam, you may be asked to identify the significance of an element in a small diagram, or to choose which description matches a diagram. 

The first level – Foundation – starts with the broad scope of modeling and the benefits it confers on different domains. The remainder of the exam covers the subset of UML diagram types and elements that model builders and model users find most useful. If you’re prepared for the Foundation level OCUP 2 certification, you’ll be able to read or construct UML models of systems worked by teams in many companies today. The diagram types covered at this level – Class, Object, and Package on the structural side; Sequence, Activity, State Machine, and Use Case on the behavioral – depict the features that architects and developers need to visualize as they design and implement real, practical, everyday systems. (For complete details about what’s covered at each OCUP 2 level, look here.

The second level – Intermediate – adds both breadth and depth to the Foundation level If you do software testing or maintenance, data modeling, or write documentation, this is an appropriate step beyond Foundation for you. 

In the third level – Advanced – we complete our coverage of the UML and branch out into metamodeling based on other specifications in the UML family - the MOF, fUML, and Alf. If you’re the UML guru at your company, this is the level for you; it’s also for you if you sit at the highest level of technical management – making decisions on analysis, design, and development proposals and evaluating the results.

Your Next Steps to OCUP 2 Certification: 

Regardless of how far you decide to proceed up the OCUP 2 certification path, you'll need Foundation level certification. We've put coverage details and references on the web, all linked to this exam information page. You'll want to examine the coverage map for Foundation level, decide how long you'll need to study, and register online with OMG's exam delivery partner Pearson VUE to take your exam at a nearby testing site. To help your studies, check out our Study Materials page for the Foundation level where you can arrange to take a course from one of the trainers listed, or purchase the OCUP 2 Certification Guide written specifically for the OCUP 2 Foundation exam.     

For more detailed information on the Exams, click here.

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The Companies Behind the OCUP 2 Program 

The OCUP 2 Program was developed and is run as a joint program of OMG and the UML Technology Institute Co., Ltd.(UTI). The OCUP 2 examinations are offered worldwide in English at Pearson VUE testing centers in a program administered by OMG; the examinations will soon be available also in the Japanese language in Asia in a program administered by UTI. OCUP is one of four Certification Program jointly produced by OMG and UTI; the others are OCEB 2™ for BPMOCSMP™ for Systems Modeling, and OCRES™ for Real-time and Embedded. All English-language examinations are delivered by Pearson VUE at their world-wide network of secure testing centers.

For more information or questions about the OMG Certification Program, contact  certificationinfo@omg.org.

OCUP, OCRES, OCEB and OCSMP are joint programs of the OMG and the OMG Japan.