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How should you study for the OCUP 2 exams? There are two approaches, although a combination would probably work well. Many candidates will take a course from one of the providers listed below - The authors have collected information and written exercises that will prepare you for your examination as they instill the knowledge and skills that will make you stand out as a job candidate, or UML model developer or team leader. The alternative approach is to study from the primary references our authors used when they wrote the OCUP 2 exams. The bulleted list just below will take you to the pages that link to the articles and UML specification document (free to download) that our authors used. 

To have your publication or course listed on this page, email your request to certificationinfo@omg.org. Listing is free, but not automatic. 

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Michael Jesse Chonoles Book Cover

OCUP 2 Certification Guide: Preparing for the OMG Certified UML 2.5 Professional 2 Foundation Exam both teaches UML® 2.5 and prepares candidates to become certified. UML® (Unified Modeling Language) is the most popular graphical language used by software analysts, designers, and developers to model, visualize, communicate, test, and document systems under development. UML® 2.5 has recently been released, and with it a new certification program for practitioners to enhance their current or future career opportunities. There are three exam levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced. The exam covered in this book, Foundation, is a prerequisite for the higher levels.

Author Michael Jesse Chonoles is a lead participant in the current OCUP 2 program—not only in writing and reviewing all the questions, but also in designing the goals of the program. This book distills his experience in modeling, mentoring, and training. Because UML® is a sophisticated language, with 13 diagram types, capable of modeling any type of modern software system, it takes users some time to become proficient. This effective resource will explain the material in the Foundation exam and includes many practice questions for the candidate, including sample problems similar to those found in the exam, and detailed explanations of why correct answers are correct and why wrong answers are wrong.

  • Written to prepare candidates for the OCUP 2 Foundation level exam while they learn UML®
  • Illustrated with UML® diagrams to clarify every concept and technique
  • Offers hints for studying and test-taking based on the specific nature and structure of the Foundation Level exam
  • Includes practice exam material, sample questions and exercises, warnings, tips, and points to remember throughout

This book is available at computer bookstores everywhere. However, you can take advantage of the OMG discount on the paperback print edition (only) by ordering directly from the publisher here. The discount appears in the listed prices.

Using UML Activities to model Business Processes
Using UML Activities to model Business Processes

This book is on the subject of using Activities and Activity Diagrams, as defined by the Unified Modelling Language (UML), to model Business Processes. As such it may be useful to architects, analysts and designers who are engaged in modelling enterprise processes for whatever reason.

All books covering UML will have a section on Activities, but although Activity Diagrams have been around since the launch of UML 2.x in around 2007, there is not much literature dedicated to their practical use. The UML specification is not the place to learn how to use them, since its purpose is to define the language, albeit there are some minimal examples of usage included.

Activities as a topic forms a fairly large percentage of all OCUP qualifications, hence this book also serves as background study material for those seeking accreditation. The book treats each and every aspect of Activities and Actions, in a progressive manner, and hence will serve all levels of knowledge required.


camunda services GmbH
camunda services GmbH
Zossener Str. 55, 10961 Berlin, Germany
Email: info@camunda.com 
Website: http://www.camunda.com
OCUP 2 Content Developer


Check our website for details and training dates: http://www.camunda.com/consulting/ 


Balicka 95
30-149 Kraków
Email: szkolenia@inprogress.pl 
Telephone: +48 123 579 579
Website: https://inprogress.pl/


INPROGRESS is a company founded in 2007. We’ve trained almost 30.000 people over the past decade. Last year, over 7.000 people decided to gain new experience and knowledge on our training.

INPROGRESS is a company specialized in many areas of management, especially related to IT sector. Our courses combine extensive knowledge and best practice based on the professional experience of our experts. We offer accredited training, consulting, and certification in project, risk or change management, and UML. In our offerings, we have two trainings on modeling in UML:

Our open training is available in 4 locations: Warszawa, Kraków, Wrocław and Katowice. For more information you can contact us. Our e-mail: szkolenia@inprogress.pl.

NobleProg Limited
NobleProg Limited
12 Hallmark Trading Estate
Fourth Way, Wembley
HA9 0LB, London
United Kingdom
Email: training@nobleprog.com 
Telephone: +44207 558 8274
OCUP 2 Content Developer


NobleProg provides:

  • On-site training (Europe, North America, East Asia, Middle East)
  • Online instructor-led courses (World Wide)
  • Exam preparation and other UML courses
  • UML Consultancy

Our exam preparation courses explain the theory as well as practical examples of the concepts. We cover all levels from Foundation to Advanced.



Middle East


North America






oose Innovative Informatik eGlogo
oose Innovative Informatik eG
Kontorhaus Montblanc
Schulterblatt 36
20357 Hamburg
Contact: Luba Glage
Telephone: +49 (40) 414250-0
Email: luba.glage@oose.de 
OCUP 2 Content Developer


All oose training is presented in German.

Red Pill
RedPill – trainings IT consulting 
Ul. Warchalowskiego 9 lok. 83, 02-776 
Warszawa, Poland 
Telephone: +48 22 226 34 08 
Fax: +48 22 486 97 22 
Email: info@redpill.com.pl 

Website: http://www.redpill.com.pl 

RedPill offers on-site training in Poland:

  • preparation for OCUP 2 Foundation exam
  • other courses on modeling in UML.

Open training sessions are provided in Warsaw. Closed sessions can be organized at any location in Poland.

See our website http://www.redpill.com.pl/szkolenia/uml for detailed training programmes (in Polish).

For more information or questions about the OMG Certification Program, contact  certificationinfo@omg.org.

OCUP, OCRES, OCEB and OCSMP are joint programs of the OMG and the OMG Japan.