ARTS Data Warehouse Model

ARTS Data Warehouse Model

A data warehouse is a database used for reporting and analysis. It stores current and historical data and is used for creating trending reports for senior management reporting, such as annual and quarterly comparisons. The ARTS data warehouse is a reference model, derived from the ARTS Operational Data Model, that retailers and their vendors can use to create their own data warehouses.

What is new in the ARTS DWM version 3.0?

Release 3.0 creates allows retailers to better understand their customers and analyze their behavior. Traditionally, the ARTS Data Models have treated customers as background characters that supported orders and transactions, not as the primary actors they are in the contemporary retail enterprise. The DWM version 3.0 also offers more detail in transactional areas such as items, tender types and channels.

What is included with the Data Warehouse Model?

  1. A sample database in ERwin, the data modeling product ARTS uses to create and manage its reference models.
  2. Technical documentation to help users understand the changes in version 3.0 and philosophy behind them; the complete set of KPIs for the model since version 1.0 was released; and appendices to clarify some of the more technical details of the model.
  3. Instructions and resources to permit users to generate their own sample database in MS SQL.