Machine Readable Files

OMG File ID URL Format Description Appears in
dtc/17-05-05 dtc/ Archive AML informative files repositiory 1.0  
dtc/17-05-05 AML/20150501/adl2uml.qvto QVTO ADL to UML QVT transformation 1.0  
dtc/17-05-04 AML/20150501/ReferenceModelProfile.xmi XMI The AML Reference Model Profile 1.0  
dtc/17-05-04 AML/20150501/ConstraintProfile.xmi XMI The AMLConstraint Profile 1.0  
dtc/17-05-05 AML/20150501/AMLplatformBinding.qvto QVTO Helper functions for QVT transformation 1.0  
dtc/17-05-05 AML/20150501/AMLGlobals.qvto QVTO Global variable definitions for QVT transformation 1.0