Template Downloads

Template Downloads

This page provides links to templates and forms used in various technology adoption processes.

Architecture Board Election Nomination Form

The recommended form for collecting nomination signatures when standing for election to the Architecture Board.

Architecture Board Nomination Letter Template

template for the AB candidate employer's letter.

Business Committee Questionnaire for RFPs and RFCs

Questionnaire and instructions for completing BCQ responses from RFP and RFC submitters.

Business Committee Questionnaire for RTFs and FTFs

Questionnaire and instructions for completing BCQ responses from RTF and FTF members.

Chairs' Meeting Reporting Form

It is the responsibility of a chair to report his or her group's activity during the week of an OMG Technical Meeting at
the appropriate plenary meeting on Friday. Annotated and blank versions of the form for reporting group activity are available.

Chairs' Meeting Request Form

An online form (http://www.omg.org/registration/chairform.htm) for Subgroup Chairs requesting meeting room requirements. 

IDL Style Guide

guide for specifying the IDL accompanying RFP and RFC submissions that provides a level of consistent style. Its intent is to ease the processes of specifying IDL in submissions and of using that IDL in programs."

Letter of Intent (LOI) Templates for RFPs and RFCs

A template for the Letter of Intent (LOI) that must be submitted to OMG signifying a submitting organization's intent to respond to a RFP and confirming the organization’s willingness to comply with OMG’s terms and conditions and commercial availability requirements is found here. A template for the different LOI accompanying an RFC submission is found here.

Liaison Questionnaire

questionnaire to be completed for each organization which is a candidate for a formal Liaison with OMG.

Request for Information (RFI) Template

Template for developing RFIs. While not mandated, this template has proven to provide useful responses.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Instructions (for FrameMaker)

Instructions (ab/97-02-03) for using RFP template with FrameMaker features.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Template

RFP Template as mandated by the Architecture Board. An abbreviated version is available for distribution for AB and Task Force review only.

Revision/Finalization Task Force Final Report Template

template for FTFs and RTFs to use in their final report.

Submission template

A template for preparing OMG submissions and specifications (including Beta specifications submitted as part of RTF and FTF reports). This template is provided in Microsoft Word and ISO/IEC 26300:2006 (OpenDocument) formats. It is highly recommended that submitters to RFPs use this format for their Initial Submissions. RFCs should also be submitted using this format.

RFC Template

It's a tremplate for submitting RFC submisisons in Word format.

Submission inventory template

The template can be found here.

Subgroup Charter Templates

It is the responsibility of a nominated chair organizing a Task Force, Special Interest Group, Subcommittee,
Finalization Task Force (FTF) or Revision Task Force (RTF) to make a motion to charter the subgroup at the appropriate plenary meeting on the Friday of an OMG Technical Meeting. Charter templates are available to assist in making such a motion: 

Task Force, Special Interest Group, Subcommittee with explanation without explanation
Finalization Task Force (FTF) with explanation without explanation
Revision Task Force (RTF) with explanation without explanation

Versioning Policy for URIs and XML Namespaces in OMG Specifications

This document defines the OMG Policy for versioning of specification URIs, file URIs, and XML namespaces associated with OMG formal specifications.

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