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Systems Modeling Language (SysML) Training
A Quick Start to Model-Based Engineering & Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBE/MBSE)

InterCAX and Georgia Tech jointly offer a SysML quick start training program for professionals wanting to learn the latest about model-based engineering (MBE) in general and model-based systems engineering in particular (MBSE). This program covers the OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP) certification. The course instructors have conducted SysML courses for multiple organizations (e.g., training over 130 professionals since August 2008), have been involved in the development of OMG SysML from the beginning, and have contributed to the development of OCSMP.

Testimonials from previous participants

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course.” — Senior Systems Engineer (Ft Worth, Texas).
  • Very informative.” — Test Engineer (Pasadena, California).
  • Fun class – I especially liked the hands-on exercises and [the rover] project” — Lead Systems Engineer (Pasadena, California).


The following courses focus on OCSMP Levels 1 & 2 and include other items essential for a well-rounded MBE/MBSE practitioner:

  1. SysML 101 (1 day) covers the essentials of object-oriented modeling using SysML and all 9 types of SysML diagrams in a quick and easy-to-learn format. A consistent system modeling example is presented throughout the course for participants to learn how SysML concepts and diagrams work together. The concepts are presented in a tool-independent manner.
  2. SysML 102 (2.5 days) is a hands-on course where participants learn to implement SysML concepts using a representative tool. These skills are reinforced by doing useful things with the resulting SysML models—not just building them for the sake of documentation. For example, exercises include (i) employing SysML parametrics to perform calculations on system properties and verify requirements, and (ii) utilizing SysML activities to operate a mobile robot during a team-based competition. Participants work through structured tutorial modules in class to jumpstart and expand their SysML model creation know-how.

Delivery modes

These courses are offered live in onsite, offsite, and web-based modes. Click here for details.

a. SysML 101
b. SysML 201

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