KnowGravity, Inc.

KnowGravity, Inc.

Badenerstrasse 808, Z├╝rich, CH-8048, Switzerland
Phone: +41 1434 2000
Fax: +41 1434 2009

Within the context of technical and commercial projects, we from KnowGravity have acquired extensive know-how, which we teach practically oriented in our training. From a basis of over 40 usually half-day-long topic modules, we arrange topic-specific courses, workshops, and training courses (up to 20 days) to cover specific customer and project needs.

Class Listings:

KnowGravity offers the following course packages, plus others:

  • Specification of information systems
  • Specification of technical systems
  • Architecture of information systems
  • Architecture of technical systems
  • Introduction to the business rules approach
  • Business rules applied
  • Introduction to MDA and executable UML

We teach our classes in German or English. For more detailed information about our training program, please visit