Object Computing, Inc. (OCI)

Object Computing, Inc. (OCI)

12140 Woodcrest Executive Dr., Suite 300‚Äč, St. Louis, MO, 63141, U.S.A.
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Website: objectcomputing.com

Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) is a full-service software engineering company dedicated to providing innovative solutions and support for the development of distributed object-oriented applications.

OCI's software engineering expertise spans embedded and real-time systems at the edge through enterprise systems and microservices deployed in data centers and in the cloud.

OCI is the originator of, and major contributor to, OpenDDS, a 100% open source implementation of the OMG's Data Distribution Service (DDS) specifications, and is a primary support provider for TAO, the leading open source C++ CORBA implementation. OCI is an active member of the OMG, contributing to the DDS PSIG, DDS Foundation, MARS Platform Task Force, C4I Domain Task Force, and various Revision Task Forces.

The company, founded in 1993, currently supports Fortune 500 clients within a variety of industries, including telecommunications, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and defense. Clients also include medium and small businesses committed to maximizing the ROI of their software solutions by rethinking their technology strategy and generating new business value.

OCI's Training division offers webinars and hands-on workshops on today's emerging technologies, distributed programming techniques, and popular programming languages and tools. Relevant course offerings are listed below. For a full list of courses, please visit objectcomputing.com/training/catalog.

Introduction to OpenDDS Programming

Get started with OpenDDS, OCI's open source implementation of the OMG data distribution service (DDS) with this 6-hour introductory course.

Two courses are available. One for C++ developers and one for Java developers.

OpenDDS Programming with C++

In this comprehensive, 4-day workshop, C++ developers receive in-depth training that provides them with full working knowledge of the DDS specification and the OpenDDS implementation. The course includes lectures, demonstrations, real-world examples, and hands-on practice developing applications using OpenDDS.

OpenDDS Modeling Software Development Kit

This 2-day course provides developers and architects with hands-on experience using the OpenDDS Modeling SDK to design and build publish/subscribe applications that use OpenDDS.

CORBA Programming with C++

Learn to develop distributed applications using CORBA in this 4-day, hands-on course.

Advanced CORBA Programming with TAO (for Real-Time)

This 4-day, hands-on course is designed for CORBA developers who wish to learn more about advanced CORBA features and TAO-specific features and configuration.

Using the Adaptive Communication Environment C++ Framework

Learn how to implement IPC mechanisms using the ACE (ADAPTIVE Communication Environment) IPC SAP classes and the Acceptor/Connector pattern in this 4-day, hands-on course.