Why join OMG?

Why join OMG?

Standards are most successful when they are invisible. Doorways have standard sizes, power outlets have standard shapes and voltage, and your external keyboard and computer mouse connect via a standard USB plug. But you never have to think about a standard making those things possible. OMG drives standards related to software and system modeling and software middleware and helps define the semantics of markets, also known as ontologies. Some of our most popular standards are here.

Pool resources with partners and competitors

  • Get more out of your R&D budget by accessing industry intelligence
  • Talk with partners and industry peers about upcoming trends
  • Use consortium learnings to drive your product strategy

Stay on top of the latest technological developments

  • Be part of the industry conversation driving trends
  • Get a seat at the table with partners and industry peers
  • Help develop disruptive solutions for your industry

Gain a competitive advantage over companies who are not members

  • Stay ahead of competitors who do not put in the time to collaborate
  • Know the trends coming in order to adapt your corporate strategy
  • Develop collaborative relationships with partners and industry peers

Standards propel market growth

  • Standards help give equity to the marketplace and encourage vendors to work together
  • Instead of vying with your competitors for the same customers, make the market larger
  • Create more potential customers

Free up engineering resources to solve new problems

  • A standard frees up engineering resources to solve new problems instead of re-solving old problems
  • Adoption of standards enables companies to spend more time innovating and less time re-engineering

Customers want standards

  • Customers feel more comfortable when they are not facing a lock-in
  • Gain customer loyalty through innovative products, not proprietary lock-in

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