Data Distribution Service Platform Special Interest Group

Data Distribution Services PSIG

Maximizing Data Distribution Service

The OMG's Data Distribution Service Platform Special Interest Group (DDS PSIG) is the headquarters for cutting edge distributed edge technology standards. DDS introduces a virtual global data space where applications can share information by simply reading and writing data-objects addressed by means of an application-defined name (topic) and a key. DDS features fine and extensive control of QoS parameters, including reliability, bandwidth, delivery deadlines, and resource limits. DDS also supports the construction of local object models on top of the global data space. The DDS PSIG is the first open international middleware standard which directly addresses publish-subscribe (pub-sub) communications for real-time and embedded systems. The DDS Foundation is an excellent resource to maximize your distributed computing needs.


  • Clarify user requirements and coordinate the evolution of the DDS specification, influence related specifications, and catalyze new specifications
  • Educate, guide, and assist the community in the use of DDS technologies
  • Foster cooperation between implementers and users of data-distribution technologies
  • Identify opportunities to further enhance and integrate DDS with other distributed-computing standards and help develop necessary collaboration/interoperation specifications
  • Promote and evangelize the use of DDS technologies in the marketplace and seek additional opportunities for the technology

Notable Deliverable:

  • Data Distribution Service (DDS): Describes a Data-Centric Publish-Subscribe (DCPS) model for distributed application communication and integration. This specification defines both the Application Interfaces (APIs) and the Communication Semantics (behavior and quality of service) that enable the efficient delivery of information from information producers to matching consumers. Its purpose can be best summarized as enabling the 'efficient and robust delivery of the right information to the right place at the right time.'.
  • DDS Extensions for Time Sensitive Networking (DDS TSN): A collection of standards developed by the TSN Task Group of the IEEE 802.1 Work Group. Their purpose is to enable deterministic, highly reliable communication on standard Ethernet. With its support for different types of Quality of Service (QoS), a single TSN network infrastructure can be used to communicate mission critical data with real-time delivery requirements side-by-side with non-critical data.
  • DDS Security: Defines the Security Model and Service Plugin Interface (SPI) architecture for compliant DDS implementations. The DDS Security Model is enforced by the invocation of these SPIs by the DDS implementation, and also defines a set of built-in implementations of these SPIs.

Work In Progress:

  • DDS C# API RFP: Solicits proposals for a DDS Platform-Specific Model (PSM) for the C# programming language.
  • DDS Status Monitoring RFP: Solicits proposals for the following: 1) A data model defining the information required for the operational status monitoring of a DDS platform, and 2) techniques, procedures, and interfaces to communicate the data model representing the status of the platform.
  • RTPS TCP/IP PSM for DDS Interop RFP: Define a standard PSM to the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), so that implementations conforming to this specification can interoperate over TCP.

Get Involved:

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