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Object Management Group Approves SysML V2, Beta Specifications
New specifications enable next-generation systems modeling

BOSTON, MA – JULY 10, 2023 – Today, international technology standards organization Object Management Group® (OMG®) announced it approved the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) version 2 beta specifications. These include: the Kernel Modeling Language (KerML) specification version 1.0 beta, the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) specification version 2.0 beta, and the Systems Modeling Application Programming Interface (API) and Services specification version 1.0 beta.

The specifications enable next-generation systems modeling with improved precision, expressiveness, consistency, usability, interoperability, and extensibility over SysML version 1. The submission concluded five years of development, resulting in the three specifications and an open-source pilot implementation to validate them. The SysML v2 Submission Team, with co-leaders Sandy Friedenthal and Ed Seidewitz, included representatives from more than 80 organizations.

"SysML v2 enables the modeling of increasingly complex systems as part of the evolving practice of model-based systems engineering," said Friedenthal. "Our team had tremendous talent from various domains, including end-users, academia and researchers, and tool vendors."

SysML v2 extends KerML to include concepts for modeling systems with deeply nested hierarchies of structure, behavior, requirements, and cross-cutting relationships. It also enables developers to specify analysis and verification cases. "KerML defines a new metamodel to provide the foundation for SysML v2," said Seidewitz. "Its formal semantics specified as first-order logic, with 4D semantics of temporal and spatial extent, provide a new level of expressivity and precision."

SysML v2 provides complementary textual and graphical representations of the underlying model, facilitating improved system understanding. A standard API and associated set of services to navigate, query, and update the model enables interoperability with other tools and software applications throughout the life cycle of system development.

OMG anticipates final adoption of the three specifications in 2024. OMG specifications address middleware, modeling, and vertical domain frameworks. All OMG specifications are available from the website.

SysML v2 Tool Vendor Announcements

  • Ansys – Olaf Kath, Vice President of Product at Ansys - "Ansys is proud to support SysML v2 as an open standard for advancing the use and adoption of MBSE," said Olaf Kath, vice president of product at Ansys. "In addition to supporting the standard in our existing products to meet customer needs, we look forward to continued collaboration with SST on the improvement of the standard."
  • CATIA R&D Cyber Systems Vice-President, Dassault Systèmes, Frédéric BOURCIER - "We are witnessing a strong adoption of Model Based Systems Engineering by the Industry to imagine next generations Cyber Systems. SysML v2 will accelerate this trend. We, at Dassault Systemes, through the work with the Object Management Group, are closely collaborating with the SysML Submission Team (SST) to define the specifications. We are actively investing in SysML v2 with CATIA Magic to provide Virtual Twin Experiences for cyber systems modeling and simulation leveraging the next generation SysML."
  • IBM Sustainability Software, Sky Matthews, CTO, Engineering Lifecycle Management and Distinguished Engineer - "As design complexity continues to increase, the role of systems engineering becomes ever more critical to the development of sustainable products and systems. IBM looks forward to supporting the effort driven by the OMG, and leveraging our experience in integrated engineering lifecycle management to deliver a SysML v2 solution that can advance the realization of digital engineering of complex systems."
  • Imandra, Jamie Smith, VP of Product Management - "SysML v2 is an important step forward for Model Based Systems Engineering. Its rigorous formal semantics empowers us at Imandra to integrate our symbolic AI tools enabling formal verification and automated reasoning for SysML v2 models at scale."
  • IncQuery, Ákos Horváth, CTO - "IncQuery is proud to have been part of the SysML v2 effort. As our next step of this exciting journey, we will enable our flagship family of products, the IncQuery Suite to commercially support SysML v2 in various ways, including model quality checks and validation reports, bridges for version migration and documentation generation, all integrated with current and future generations of the OpenMBEE platform. Follow us into the future of MBSE!
  • Intercax, Manas Bajaj, PhD, Co-Founder and Chief Systems Officer, OMG Systems Modeling API & Services FTF Co-Chair, Submission Lead, RFP - "SysML v2 language and API & Services are foundational for enterprise-scale digital engineering. Syndeia, our digital thread platform for model-based engineering, includes production support for Systems Modeling API & Services. Users can build live digital threads integrating SysML v2 models with models/data in enterprise applications, such as PLM, CAD, ALM, Simulations, Projects, and V&V. Intercax is excited to lead and support the development of Systems Modeling API & Services and SysML v2 language at OMG and bring cutting-edge digital thread capabilities for SysML v2 to the market in the Syndeia platform."
  • Mgnite Inc., Hisashi Miyashita, CEO - "Mgnite has made significant contributions to the standardization of SysMLv2, particularly in visualization, through the pilot implementation. We strongly believe that SysMLv2 should be recognized as the next-generation MBSE standard. By leveraging these results, we are preparing to launch our product, called Mg, which aims to enhance modeling productivity and facilitate seamless integration with various tools. We are truly honored to be part of the excellent teams driving these fundamental innovations in MBSE."
  • PTC, Patrick Ollerton, Product Manager - "PTC has been an active participant in the planning and development of OMG's new standard for MBSE, SysML 2.0. In support of this important industry milestone, PTC Modeler 10 and future releases will include capabilities to enable companies to design, verify and maintain complex, safety critical systems using SysML 2.0."
  • Qualtech Systems, Inc. (QSI), Deepak Haste, Senior Director of Engineering - "As a member of the SysML v2 Submission Team (SST), QSI is excited at the release of the SysML v2 beta specifications. QSI, an industry-recognized vendor for integrated diagnostics/prognostics tools and fault management (FM) solutions, is committed to adopting SysML v2 as the main conduit of interoperability between systems engineering (SE) and QSI's TEAMS fault management (FM) tools. Given that QSI's TEAMS toolset is used by multiple NASA centers to provide diagnostic capabilities and reliability assessment, NASA has recognized the potential of using SysML v2 to facilitate fault resilient architectures in the early design stages of complex systems such as the Space Launch System (SLS) and the Lunar Gateway."
  • Siemens, Dale Tutt, Vice President of Industry Strategy, Siemens Digital Industries Software - "With SysML v2 based solutions, customers will be able to develop their products in a true multi-domain environment – mechatronic, electronics and software systems – that will help them develop new products faster." Refer to Siemen's statement of how SysML v2 fits into the future of MBSE.
  • Sparx, J.D. Baker, Sparx Ambassador and OMG Architecture Board Member - "Sparx Systems has been closely following the development of SysML v2. Now that the specifications are in Finalization, Sparx Systems will work to provide Enterprise Architect users with the specified capabilities."
  • Tom Sawyer Software, Janet Six, Ph.D., Senior Product Manager - "Tom Sawyer Software is excited about the approval of the SysML v2 beta specification. This presents a unique opportunity for us to continue serving the needs of the engineering community with our graph visualization capabilities and contribute to its continued development."
  • Vitech, Daniel Nguyen, SysML v2 Lead - "Vitech is excited for the release of the SysML v2 beta specifications and implementing it in our evolving product portfolio. The benefits to industry include new capabilities such as the global inclusion of time-based variability, textual syntax, and a standard API for model interchange and interoperability. Vitech looks forward to releasing a conformant SysML v2 implementation that is built on top of our semantically precise natural language architecture that guarantees model consistency and data integrity."


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