These Guidelines govern the use and reproduction of all OMG trademarks, which are listed a HERE.  OMG Members and others with permission may use OMG' s trademarks and logos strictly in accordance with these Guidelines. Use of OMG trademarks and logos other than in accordance with these Guidelines is a violation of OMG's rights and is strictly prohibited. OMG reserves the right to revise these Guidelines from time to time, without notice.



The OMG corporate name, the OMG logos and other OMG trademarks and service marks (collectively, the "OMG Marks") are among the most critical elements of OMG's identity and convey many aspects of our business. The OMG Marks are widely recognized, positive industry symbols and can be a very effective way to highlight your commitment to distributed object computing. The strength of the Object Management Group and the OMG Marks can help command higher prices, larger market share, strong customer commitment and can open the door to new business opportunities. OMG members are encouraged to collectively help us build our brands.

OMG's purpose is to promote software specifications and standards. OMG has many names for its specifications, and strong brand names can command larger market shares and stronger customer commitment. When we talk about these products, we do so in a consistent manner and associate the product name to the OMG brand to reinforce the brand identity, e.g., OMG CORBA and OMG UML

The OMG Marks are available for use on a case-by-case review basis by members, non-members and OMG partners for a variety of marketing and educational purposes. Opportunities include product packaging, signs and graphics, advertising, press releases, Web pages, presentations, technical documentation and more. This document provides the basic style guidelines with which to ensure consistency.



OMG members and others interested in using OMG Marks for appropriate marketing and educational purposes should submit the "Request to Use OMG Trademarks" HERE.  All requests for use of OMG Marks will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Actual usage of the Marks will also be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 



The OMG Marks that are graphic logos are the visual representations of the organization. Each represents OMG and its standards in a unique way to customers and to the public. As a symbol, each Mark is the prime vehicle for establishing presence and identity.

  • Use OMG Artwork - Do Not Re-Design the Logos
  • Where you choose to use both your own unique company identifier(s) or graphic style along with the OMG identity (logo) system, your business identity must be presented in the dominant style, always larger than the OMG, CORBA or UML Identity graphic. In addition, the two must be separated and presented as two separate and distinct elements.
  • The OMG marketing department at +1-781-444 0404 or [email protected]  can supply a simplified logo graphic format of an OMG logo for use on clothing or marketing incentives.



Unless you have express, prior, written permission from OMG:

  • Do not use OMG Marks in any manner, except in making objectively truthful, factual references to OMG and the specifications provided by OMG.
  • Do not use OMG Marks as all or part of a product name or in or on any product, packaging, labels, advertisements, press releases, marketing materials, web pages, trade show materials, or any other materials.
  • Do not use OMG Marks in any manner that might be understood to suggest an association with or sponsorship by OMG, nor an endorsement (express or implied) by OMG of a training program, seminar series, or product. However, OMG Marks may be used as part of a truthful statement that a company is an "OMG Member" or "OMG Strategic Partner".
  • Do not attempt to claim trademark rights in any OMG Mark by using or registering an OMG Mark as all or any part of a product or service name, trademark, service mark, logo, domain name, trade name, or "doing business as" name (d/b/a).
  • Do not use OMG Marks in any fashion that could result in a likelihood of confusion between OMG specifications and services and the goods and services of any other entity.
  • Always use OMG Marks consistently and distinctively, distinguishing our marks from other words in the text in some way. This distinction includes capitalizing all letters in the trademark, except in cases where the mark specifically includes mixed-case letters such as SysML and SoaML, using initial caps or initial caps with quotation marks, using italics, boldface, underline, or color. Do not abbreviate trademarks or use only a portion of a mark.
  • Do not refer to a product as being "OMG or CORBA enabled" or "OMG or CORBA or UML certified" except with prior written permission from OMG.
  • Trademarks are adjectives, and must only be used as such, i.e., CORBA software. Marks should never be used as nouns or verbs, nor should marks be pluralized or used in the possessive form.



Correct: The CORBA architecture ensures compatibility across computing platforms.
Incorrect: OMG's CORBA ensures compatibility across computing platforms.

Correct: CORBA ACADEMY provides developers with the technical skills necessary to design software that meets the CORBA specifications.
Incorrect: CORBA ACADEMY's technology is the answer to all your questions.



Trademarks and Registered Trademarks - Many of OMG's Marks are registered, as indicated HERE.  Use the ® symbol to indicate a registered trademark and the ™ symbol to indicate a trademark.

Symbols On Printed or Electronic Material - Always use the ® or ™ symbol (as appropriate) with the first and the most prominent appearance of an OMG Mark in a particular piece of printed or electronic material. If this is done, it is not necessary to use the symbol with subsequent appearances of the OMG Mark in the same piece of material.

Symbols On Web Sites and Web pages - Always use the ® or ™ symbol (as appropriate) on the first and most prominent appearance of an OMG Mark on a web site home page, each top level web site page, and on all web site pages that are externally linked.

Proprietary Notices - Each document or other piece of material (e.g., marketing materials, white papers, advertisements, press releases, brochures, invoices, and web site pages) and products (or their packaging, containers or labels) that use an OMG Mark should contain a legal line in the this form:

___________________ and ________________ are either registered
trademarks or trademarks of Object Management Group, Inc. in the
United States and/or other countries.


Image Licensing

It is the responsibility of all presenters who speak on behalf of OMG and its programs or at events hosted by OMG or its programs to ensure that images, graphics, videos and logos are properly attributed and licensed.