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Object Management Group Announces Application Programming Interfaces for Knowledge-based Systems and Platforms Beta V1.0
The specification enables interoperability for knowledge-based systems/platforms

BOSTON, MA – SEPTEMBER 14, 2021 – Today, the international technology standards organization Object Management Group® (OMG®) issued the beta version 1.0 of its Application Programming Interfaces for Knowledge Platforms specification.

The new specification outlines a standard interface between client applications, knowledge resources, and platforms such as editing tools, repositories, and analytical engines. Developers can use the specification to integrate knowledge-based systems within enterprise architecture, ensuring that business strategies are expressed properly through IT.

Modern knowledge-driven applications use artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to solve complex tasks ranging from driving cars, understanding market trends and relationships between trading partners, and predicting the evolution of medical conditions. The separation of the business knowledge from the software systems that process it is critical to transparency, scalability, and flexibility of such solutions. To date, standard interfaces to support the development of these kinds of systems have been limited. 

"Knowledge graphs provide a key component to explain the results of artificial intelligence.  Yet, until now, the cost of integration has discouraged uptake of the technologies.  The Application Programming Interfaces for Knowledge Platforms Specification is designed to fill this long-standing gap," said Elisa Kendall, Partner, Thematix Partner, LLC and Co-chair of the OMG APIs for Knowledge Platforms 1.0 Finalization Task Force.

"Health-related knowledge is too complex to be captured using a single approach, but the market is more likely to offer vertical, siloed solutions. To manage and deliver a diverse spectrum of knowledge models across a variety of platforms, we need a standard way to bridge systems and applications," said Davide Sottara, Principal Knowledge Engineer in the Knowledge Management and Delivery program at Mayo Clinic.

The OMG Application Programming Interfaces for Knowledge Platforms specification offers developers a uniform abstraction layer to simplify access, manipulation, and assembly of knowledge artifacts and their deployment and processing using analytics. It enables developers to create and integrate knowledge graphs in broader AI-driven enterprise solutions—the specification augments and bridges existing knowledge-related standards rather than replacing them.

OMG specifications address middleware, modeling, and vertical domain frameworks. All OMG specifications are available from the OMG website, including the current version of this specification.


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