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Object Management Group RAAML Beta Version 1.0 Specification Defines Extensions to SysML
Needed to support safety and reliability analysis

BOSTON, MA – SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 - Today, international technology standards organization Object Management Group® (OMG®) issued the Beta version 1.0 of its Risk Analysis and Assessment Modeling Language (RAAML) specification.  The standard defines extensions to the SysML open-source systems modeling language needed to support safety and reliability analysis.

A group of industry experts at the OMG has been working since 2016 to define the new specification, which provides the necessary capabilities.

"The need for a standardized Unified Modeling Language (UML) profile/library for addressing safety and reliability aspects emerged long ago," said Kyle Post, Systems Safety Technical Leader at Ford Motor Company and a member of the team that designed and wrote the standard. "Working group members have seen multiple commercial-grade model-based safety and reliability solution implementations being developed during the recent years and successfully used in practice. We drew upon that experience and expertise in the design of this spec."

Their new RAAML Beta Version 1.0 specification defines extensions to SysML needed to support safety and reliability analysis.  It provides the modeling capabilities for tool vendors to build safety and reliability modeling tools that provide traditional representations (e.g. trees, tables, etc.) while using a modern model-based approach.

The RAAML specification can provide the foundation for conducting various safety and quality engineering activities including safety and reliability analysis methods. Besides the method support, linkages to the SysML model-of-interest are provided, enabling integration with and traceability to the analyses.

The spec describes the RAAML core concepts and shows:

  • That simple concepts are powerful enough to unite all safety and reliability information across a variety of analysis methods,
  • The approach to automating several safety and reliability analyses, which is built on leveraging existing SysML functionalities to ensure that the profile and library is usable with existing tooling,
  • Specific safety and reliability analysis methods and application domains that are supported, including FMEA, FTA, STPA, GSN, ISO 26262 Road Vehicles Functional Safety, and Extension Mechanisms that are typically needed by the industry to apply the specification in practice.

The most current version of the document is located here.  OMG specifications address middleware, modeling, and vertical domain frameworks. All OMG specifications are available from the OMG website.


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