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Object Management Group Announces Version 3 Beta of the Open Architecture Radar Interface Standard
Latest version enables plot sharing between naval warships for joint operations

BOSTON, MA – NOVEMBER 28, 2023 – Today, Object Management Group® (OMG®) announced Version 3 Beta of the Open Architecture Radar Interface Standard. The specification defines the interface between a Combat Management System (CMS) and a radar system within a modular combat system architecture for naval platforms.  
A combat system on a naval warship (or platform) typically consists of a CMS that interfaces with sensors and communication systems. It provides the user with a tactical picture of real-world entities, which they pass to other ship systems (e.g., comms and weapon systems) to support ongoing warfighting activities.

Version 3.0 beta of OARIS expands the scope by providing the necessary interfaces for coherent sharing of plots and other measurements between cooperating platform units in a joint operation. Version 2.0 of OARIS extended the scope of services and the data model to cover the functionality and capabilities of sensors in addition to radars. In contrast, version 1.0 of OARIS focused on radars more specifically.

"OARIS is one of several OMG standards that focus on systems that support crisis response, search and rescue, and military operations, such as weapons, combat management, command and control, and national defense systems," said Mike Bennett, Technical Director of OMG. "OMG enables the military and defense to succeed on schedule and with high quality, safety, and security."

For more information about OARIS V3 beta, visit the OMG website.

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