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Object Management Group Celebrates 35th Anniversary
Three decades of trailblazing innovation, collaborative excellence, and connected success

BOSTON, MA – MARCH 18, 2024 – Today, Object Management Group® (OMG®) announced its 35th anniversary. Throughout its history, OMG has led the way in shaping the technological landscape through the establishment and refinement of industry standards. Alongside this, the parent OMG organization continues to create new consortia with a proven organizational development approach, a fair governance model, and access to expertise from renowned figures in the technology industry.

"Thirty-five years ago, eleven multi-national corporations sat down to create an international, open membership, not-for-profit technology standards consortium: the Object Management Group," said Bill Hoffman, CEO and Chairman of OMG. "Today, OMG standards are pervasive and used across diverse industries and applications from the International Space Station to a grocer's point-of-sale terminal. And our OMG consortia are accomplishing technological breakthroughs across multiple technologies and industries."

The torchbearer of OMG's standards legacy is its Standards Development Organization (SDO), which maintains and owns the standards and ensures their relevance and applicability in an ever-evolving technological landscape. OMG's well-known standards include Business Process Management+, Common Object Request Broker Architecture™, Data-Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems™, Financial Instrument Global Identifier®, Systems Modeling Language™, Unified Architecture Framework®, Unified Modeling Language™, and many others. (See our website.)

OMG founded the following consortia and communities:

  • 2010: Consortium for Software and Information Quality - develops standards to automate software quality measurement and promote secure, reliable, and trustworthy software.
  • 2014: Data Distribution Service Foundation - advancing the use of the Data Distribution Service specification in high-performance and distributed applications.
  • 2014: Industry IoT Consortium - now integrated into the Digital Twin Consortium® (DTC™), delivers transformative business value to industry, organizations, and society by accelerating the adoption of a trustworthy Internet of Things.
  • 2019: BPM+ Health - a community using open, standards-based notations that allow health organizations, professional societies, and vendors to document their care pathways and workflows.
  • 2020: Digital Twin Consortium - drives the awareness, adoption, interoperability, and development of digital twin technology.
  • 2021: Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance - helping accelerate the adoption of enterprise augmented reality (AR) by supporting the growth of a comprehensive ecosystem.
  • 2021: Responsible Computing - ensures IT organizations are responsible contributors and advocates for the planet's sustainable development goals.
  • 2024: Managed Communities - collaborative platforms for networking, accessing tools, and staying current on industry trends.


"From technology standards to consortia, OMG remains dedicated to setting the gold standard for innovation, ensuring that our collective pursuit of excellence shapes a connected world that is secure, interoperable, and technologically advanced," added Hoffman.

About OMG
When tech organizations, governments, and academia must solve discrete pieces of a technology puzzle or discuss matters of common interest, they often seek to join or form a consortium. Since 1989, Object Management Group® (OMG®) has created and nurtured a productive community with common technology interests and problems to resolve. OMG communities include Augmented Reality Enterprise Alliance (AREA), BPM+ Health, Consortium for Information and Software Quality™ (CISQ™), Digital Twin Consortium® (DTC), OMG Standards Development Organization (SDO®), and Responsible Computing (RC™). OMG is global, not-for-profit, and vendor-neutral. Visitwww.omg.org for more information.


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