OCEB 2 - General Coverage Map & Links

OMG Certified Expert in BPM™ 2 (OCEB™ 2)

General Coverage Map & Links

Recognizing that BPM practitioners on the Business Side and Technical Side of our industry use different sets of concepts and tools, the program splits into two tracks above the Fundamental level (as shown in the figure below) to define separate Intermediate and Advanced level certifications. Certification at each level requires certification at all levels below it in its track. Candidates may take the examinations in any order, but Intermediate and Advanced Certifications will only be awarded after required prerequisites have been met. Click on the block for a level to be taken to the page with its detailed Coverage Map. Note that the OCEB 2 Technical Intermediate exam is in preparation and expected to publish in mid-2015.

OCEB 2 Structure OCEB Business Advanced Level OCEB Technical Adavanced Level OCEB 2 Business Intermediate Level OCEB Technical Intermediate Level OCEB 2 Fundamental