OMG Certified expert in BPM™ 2 (OCEB 2)

Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, our certification testing partner, PearsonVue, has suspended testing in a number of locations worldwide. Please check their Coronavirus Update Page for its health and safety policies.


OMG Certified Expert in BPM 2 (OCEB 2)
  • What's new in BPMN 2? A richer palette of event types, more capable depiction and use of data in process models, representation of business interactions in Collaboration Diagrams and Choreography Diagrams, and other features that help you model and execute the complex distributed processes that businesses employ.
  • Should I upgrade my original OCEB Fundamental certification by taking the new OCEB 2 Fundamental exam? BPMN 1.x is now obsolete - replaced by BPMN 2. To bring your credentials up-to-date and so keep up with industry expectations, you need to take and pass the OCEB 2 Fundamental exam and one or both of the Intermediate exams if your career suggests.
  • Where can I find out more about OCEB 2? If you've decided to take the OCEB 2 Fundamental exam and get certified, go to its Coverage Map and see what you have to study and learn; then go to OMG's landing page at Pearson VUE to register and schedule your test session. If you want to take the the Business Intermediate exam, go to its Coverage Map pag instead. If you want to know more about the transition to OCEB 2, check the beginning section of the OCEB 2 FAQ page

About our OCEB 2 Program Sponsors

OMG thanks the sponsors of the OCEB 2 program including Gold sponsors oose and Capgemini; Silver sponsors No Magic and Camunda; and Bronze sponsor NobleProg.  

For more information or questions about the OMG Certification Program, contact  certificationinfo@omg.org.

OCUP, OCEB and OCSMP are joint programs of the OMG and the OMG Japan.