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OMG® is currently updating the examinations for the OMG Certified UML Professional (OCUP) Certification Program to UML 2.5. The revised program is called OCUP 2 and will have the same 3-exam structure as the current program although the first level is named Foundation in place of Fundamental and all three exams will be oriented more towards modeling than language details.  As part of the process of producing this program, the OMG will be conducting a Beta Test of each of the examinations - that is, administering them to a representative group of candidates - to collect a set of statistical data that we will use to validate the questions and set cutoff scores. 

The topical structure of the OCUP 2 certification is described on the program's website here. The OCUP 2 Program will replace all three of the current OCUP exams. Unlike the original OCUP exams which tested only UML syntax and semantics, the OCUP 2 program tests candidates on the use of UML in the context of modeling. No questions from the original OCUP exams will be carried over to the new exams. You are eligible to apply for the OCUP 2 Beta Program whether or not you have previously taken the original OCUP examinations. 

To ensure that we collect the data we need, the Beta Program is being offered for free to a limited group of selected applicants whose results will give us a proper statistical sample. This page describes the beta program, and links to the web page where you can apply for inclusion in OMG's OCUP 2 Beta Program. 

Information about the program: 

What is a beta exam, and why are they given?

Certification programs beta-test their examinations to validate that each question actually tests what it was written to test - that is, exam-takers who know the material will usually answer that question correctly, while those who don't are more likely to get it wrong - and to set a cutoff score that passes and certifies that portion of the population deemed deserving while failing the rest. Because even the best-written and best-reviewed set of questions will contain a few "clunkers" (too easy, too hard, unintentionally misleading, or so on), beta exams always include extra items so there are enough left in the pool after discarding the ones that test poorly and so don't make it into the final forms (that is, versions) of the examination. And speaking of final forms, most examinations (including ours) are constructed in several equivalent forms - that is, different sets of questions that test to the same score - so that candidates who fail and re-take the exam don't see the exact same set of questions the second time around. Bottom line: a beta test contains more questions than a regular test - as much as twice as many, or more - and every question is important even though some (and no one knows which ones when you take the beta exam) won't count towards your final score.

All of these decisions are made on the basis of statistics run on the beta results. We'll accept a representative group of candidates into the beta program. Using established psychometric statistical analyses, we will check if the more experienced or knowledgeable folks truly did get a particular question right more than the less experienced or knowledgeable folks; if not, we throw it out. If everyone (or almost everyone), regardless of experience level, gets a question right, then it's too easy and doesn't help us separate the certifiable from the rest so we throw it out; if almost everyone gets a question wrong, same conclusion and same consequence for the opposite reason.

The beta exams will be administered by Pearson VUE testing centers, using the same presentation and grading software as used in all other OMG Certification Programs. The differences between the beta version and the final form are: on the beta, you tell us about your experience when you apply; there are more than twice as many questions; and you don't get your grade or pass/fail result right away. (You'll get it after everyone has taken the beta exam and we've run and analyzed the statistics.) 


What's Free, How much can I save, and What are the conditions?

OMG will select and accept a limited number of additional applicants into the OCUP 2 Free Beta Program. (All who took the OCUP 2 Foundation beta will participate at the Intermediate level automatically.) OMG has already invited others via email to apply for the program; those applicants who have passed the OCUP 2 Foundation exam will be considered based on our needs for statistical data. Please read through the entire Beta Program description before you apply!

Each beta candidate accepted into the OCUP 2 Beta Program will receive a voucher entitling him/her to take the Intermediate Level OCUP 2 Beta Examination for free at a Pearson VUE testing center during its scheduled beta period. Candidates who take the Intermediate examination (regardless of their score) will then receive an additional voucher, for the OCUP 2  Advanced Beta Examination. 

You can save US$600 or more! When the full 3-exam OCUP 2 program becomes publicly available, the price to take each examination in the United States and other English-speaking countries will be $200 or about the equivalent in local currency. (The price will be slightly higher in non-English speaking countries, where the testing time is extended by 30 minutes.) This means that, if you qualify for the Free Beta Program and take all three examinations, you will save US$600 or more! And, in the Beta Program, just taking an examination at a lower level qualifies you for a voucher at the next higher level - you don't have to pass. (This doesn't change the requirements for certification, of course - you must pass all of lower-level exams to qualify for certification at a level.) 

When beta testing for an OCUP 2 level is complete, we will conduct our statistical analysis and construct final forms of the examinations for that level from the larger set of questions on the beta test, and assign the cutoff (passing) score. We will then calculate a score and pass/fail result for each beta applicant based on how well he/she did on the questions that were selected for the final form of the examination, and notify candidates of their result. Candidates who qualify for OCUP 2 certification on the basis of their performance on beta examinations will receive certificates bearing low certificate numbers reserved for this group. They will also receive all of the privileges that go along with certification, including the right to display the OCUP 2 Certified Professional logo for their level, and listing in OMG's Certified Professionals directory. 


This is not a contest, and the free examinations are not prizes. We are conducting a statistical study of the three OCUP 2 examinations and are subsidizing the examination fees for a group of candidates whose results will give us the data we need, so our decisions on whom to accept are final. The Beta Program represents a considerable investment for the OCUP 2 program, since we have to pay a fee to Pearson VUE every time a program participant takes a "free" examination. Please study and prepare just as you would if you were paying the full $200 fee to take each examination yourself. We appreciate every candidates' study and preparation, and your efforts to do well at testing time.


I've already taken the OCUP Intermediate exam. Can I be a Beta Tester?

Yes, you can! Because OCUP 2 is a totally new program, with no exam questions carrying over from the original OCUP, candidates who have taken the original OCUP exams can still provide our program with valid statistical data. (You may have heard that experienced candidates were not allowed to beta-test OMG's BPMN certification program update, OCEB 2. This is true, but the conditions for that program and this one are different.) 

What's the schedule for the beta exams? 

The OCUP 2 Intermediate Beta testing period opened on 8 June 2016 and continues through 15 July 2016. On that date, the exam will be withdrawn from the Pearson VUE system so it will not be possible to take a "late" exam.  


What do I study? 

The Coverage Map for the OCUP 2 Intermediate exam is available on the web here. (Do NOT study from the Coverage Map on the open website; that map is for candidates taking the original OCUP Intermediate exam. The coverage of OCUP 2 is totally different from that of the original OCUP.)  Note that this Coverage Map is based on the supplementary Coverage Map for the OCUP 2 Foundation exam, a web document that only became available recently. You can browse to the Foundation Supplementary Coverage Map from the OCUP 2 Foundation Coverage Map and References page, or go directly by clicking on this link. THE OCUP 2 INTERMEDIATE EXAM WILL TEST YOUR USE OF THE LISTED UML ELEMENTS IN MODELING - Elements may appear in diagrams, or with other elements. If you limit your study to memorizing the definitions on the cited spec pages, you will not do well on the exam. You need to cross-reference the language elements to usage scenarios in books on UML modeling. so that you're familiar with how they can be used to enrich your models. 

Do I get OCUP 2 Certified by taking the beta exams? 

If you pass the required exam(s), of course you do! As part of our statistical analysis, we will calculate every beta tester's score on the subset of questions selected for the final form of their exam, and compare it to our official cutoff score. If your score is equal to or greater than the cutoff, we record in our database that you've passed that exam. Then we check your record against our Certification prerequisite requirements and award your certification if you qualify. Remember that each lower level certification is prerequisite for the level above it. 

Each exam that you pass stays on your record for five years. We'll send you certificates for all of the certifications you earn - that is, for the levels of the exams that you pass without any gaps in the hierarchy. For example, a passing score on the Foundation and Intermediate level will earn you certifications for OCUP 2 Foundation and that Intermediate level. If you fail the Foundation Beta exam but pass the Intermediate or Advanced OCUP 2 level (don't laugh; it happens!), you won't receive any certificates right away but, if you take and pass the required lower-level OCUP 2 exams that you failed in Beta when they publish, you'll receive a certificate for the Intermediate or Advanced level as well as your Foundation certificate. Keep in mind that you can't fulfill prerequisites cross-program: the original OCUP Fundamental exam does not satisfy prerequisite requirements for the OCUP 2 Intermediate certification.  

Beta candidates will be given every result and amenity that paying candidates receive when they take the standard-form exams, sent out as we complete the analysis of each level. Regardless of whether you pass or fail, you'll get a results sheet with your score on each major exam section and your final score compared to the cutoff. If you qualify for certification, you'll get a certificate suitable for framing, permission to use the OCUP 2 Certified Professional logo, and an invitation to opt-in to OMG's Certified Professionals Directory.


Where do I sign up?

IF YOU TOOK THE OCUP 2 FOUNDATION BETA (regardless of whether or not you passed), you are already a member of the Intermediate beta group and will receive a voucher to take the OCUP 2 Intermediate Beta. You do not have to apply again. If you are no longer using the email address that you used to register for the Foundation exam, please notify OMG of the change in an email to <> . 

If you did not take the OCUP 2 Foundation beta and would like to be considered for the Intermediate, Click Here for the OCUP 2 Beta Program Application Form and some additional information about the Beta Program. Please review the detailed information about the OCUP 2 Beta Program BEFORE submitting your application.


Can I sign up my entire crew/department for free certification? 

If you're a group leader and want to take advantage of our Beta Program, we'd be pleased to work with you since a pre-existing workgroup is likely to reflect the distribution of knowledge and experience that we need for good statistics. If your team studies and prepares together, that's even better! Please send an email with a brief company description and number of crew/department members to    


Any more questions?

Please review the detailed information on the OCUP 2 FAQ page. If your question wasn't found, you can send us an email at   

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