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Fill in and submit the form on this page to be considered for OMG's™ OCUP 2™ Certification beta test program. Please read this page completely before you apply! If you took the OCUP 2 Foundation BETA exam (about 240 questions over four hours at a Pearson VUE test center in April or May of 2014), do not fill in this form again - We still have your information and you're still on our list to receive a voucher. If you took and passed the final-form OCUP 2 Foundation exam (90 questions instead of about 240), you need to fill out this program application form to receive your voucher even if we've told you that you're accepted into the program since we need the information to calibrate our beta results.

About the OCUP 2 Beta Program: 

Show What You Know. Registration is open! OMG is replacing the OCUP examinations with new versions based on UML 2.5 and an orientation towards modeling in place of the original's emphasis on language details. The new program, named OCUP 2, contains three levels as before although the first is called Foundation instead of Fundamental. Coverage for the next OCUP 2 examination, for Intermediate level, has been set and its Coverage Map and References page is posted now. The corresponding page for the Advanced exam will be posted as soon as the required material is ready. 

You should have already read about the OCUP 2 (OMG-Certified UML Professional 2) Certification program, and the OCUP 2 Beta Examination program. If you haven't, follow these links to the information you need: 

You are eligible to participate in the OCUP 2 Beta Program whether or not you have taken any of the original OCUP examinations. 

The schedule for the OCUP 2 Intermediate Beta is very strict - The exam will only be available for four weeks, in early 2016. Our exam is nearing completion so, in a few weeks you will receive an email from us with your voucher number and instructions to register with Pearson VUE to schedule your test date and time at a convenient testing center. We suggest, however, that you start studying now

Here's the OCUP 2 Beta Program Application Form 

To apply for the OCUP 2 Beta program, fill in this form and click "Submit". (IMPORTANT: If you have already taken an exam - any exam - with Pearson VUE and have a user account, you must use the exact same name, address, and email in your registration here.) We will respond by email to the address that you give us, telling you if you've been accepted into the Free Beta Program. If you've been accepted, we'll also include your individual voucher number that will entitle you to take the OCUP 2 Intermediate Beta exam for free. We'll also include instructions on how to register with Pearson VUE and schedule your exam. It may take us a week or two to process your application so be patient, please. 


*Name:   *Last Name: *E-mail:
*Company: *Phone:
*Street Address: *City:

*Postal Code:


Please answer these questions about your UML experience. We will use these responses to select a group of UML model builders and model users with a wide range of experience, so that the resulting statistics mirrors the real world. Do NOT exaggerate your experience - We are looking for a wide range of experience levels, and have not set a cutoff. You will maximize your chances of qualifying for the free beta exam program by answering accurately. Incomplete forms will be rejected automatically. 

Number of months of UML experience (building and reading models):
Number of months of experience reading UML models:
Number of months at supervisory level:
Number of months in Information Technology:
Have you taken the original OCUP Intermediate exam? 
NOTE: Answering Yes or No will NOT affect your acceptance.

What is your current primary role? Check all that apply.

Model Builder - Technical Model User - Implementation
Model Builder - Architect Model User - Stakeholder
Model Builder - Requirements Engineer Model User - Application End User
Other           If Other,  please specify:     

How did you find out about the OCUP 2 Certification Program?

Personal Contact Optional: Who?
OMG Web Site Other Web Site Please specify:
OMG Email Other Email Please specify:
Direct Mail Newsgroup Publication

Please type this code 3TMw8 into the field below, to complete the registration:



OCUP 2 is a joint program of the OMG and the UML Technology Institute (UTI)

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